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  1. Different HOTAS, stick setups etc are irrelevant. The game has settings to allow you tweak the sensitivity of your control inputs depending on what you use which makes most set ups comparable. Just like you have graphics settings to allow good performance depending on what hardware you are using. But trying to render aircraft in a 3D environment in a realistic way on a 2D monitor or tiny VR screen is not achievable. The resolution limitations and limited screen size don't make it possible. Visibility depends to much on your settings and equipment. Anti aliasing makes things look nicer but blen
  2. A computer screen is nothing like reality and everyone is using different settings and specifications. You can't mimic reality on a small computer screen with limited resolution. Some people will have an advantage and others a disadvantage simply because of their set up. It should just be even across the board by making aircraft rendered in a distinguishable way regardless of your computer equipment and graphics settings.
  3. The 190A8 seem almost bullet proof at the moment.
  4. It would be nice to be able to see aircraft reliably. I can see single pixel planes at very long distance against white horizon but they disappear at medium distances. Checking six is almost pointless because most of the time I cant see a plane until he is close enough to shoot. Even if I know someone is behind me I can't distinguish him on the monitor. Its really bad. I am not the only one with this issue many people have the same problem.
  5. I just want to be able to carry more bombs. 4 bombs is only one more then the P47D. The P47D can carry two 500lb bombs + one 250lb bomb + 10 rockets. Can the mosquito carry much more then that?
  6. Man, I didn't know the 20mm cannons took up space in the bomb bay. I kind of wish we were getting the bomber variant now. :(
  7. Anyone know what kind of bomb loadouts the DH.98 Mosquito FB Mk VI could carry?
  8. Yeah, we badly need a map that matches the planes we have. Late 1944/early 1945 map please!
  9. Multicrew would be nice but I don't care if it doesn't have it. Even with multiple crew available I think most people will be flying thier own plane most of the time. I don't think there would be much for the second person to do anyway. Would still be fun though.
  10. The 109K4 is hands down better. It turns way better, climbs better, accelerates better, manuevers at slow speeds way better. For dogfighting the 109K4 is better by far. The FW190D9 is easier to control at high speed, carries more ammo, has more cannons and can fly for longer before needing to refuel.
  11. This is the one thing I hate about the spitfire module. Its so easy to instantly black out in negative g. And when you do you stay black screened for a long time. That and the wings being torn off very easily in a high speed roll.
  12. It takes a bit of getting used to the 109. Its best to fly fast. Use trim and rudder to assist manuevering at high speeds. Reducing fuel to 70 or 80% will also greatly assist manuevering. Without MW50 you can't dogfight the spitfire. Don't know exactly how it matches up vs the P51D without MW50. Some people tell me the P51D turns better others say the 109 turns better. Sounds like it's fairly close though the P51D is faster. With MW50 the 109K4 is great fun to fly. Just fly it full throttle in combat. It can dogfight any of the allied planes in DCS.
  13. Without MW50 it is much harder. You need to build your speed up before you engage an enemy and keep it up so you can extend away. Trying to accelerate away from an enemy close on your six is very difficult. Keep in mind when ever your turning in the FW190D your opponent is gaining an advantage. Especially if its a spitfire. Don't try to do a steep climb againts a spitfire either. If you have enough of an energy advantage you can zoom climb above the enemy and attack again. Otherwise you just extend away in a shallow climb.
  14. Just fly at 300kmh or less at full throttle with MW50. That will kill it. It won't just stop completely it will produce way less power and run rough and if you throttle back you won't get much power at all when throttle is forward. You need to stay at critical altitude though. So on the deck. Climbing reduces engine power so you won't be running at max ATA.
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