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  1. Very nice cubanace! Looking forward to fly it one day! Your released Pak-Fa mod is also great, love the animated thrust vectoring!
  2. Very nice! Would love to fly the Su-30!! Good luck with the project!
  3. Very nice video! Crystal clear footage, almost like being there.
  4. GGTharos Well i feel that the stealth subject is already pretty much answered, thanks for the info. So no need for a own thread. :) We shall continue about Su-35S.
  5. I have a 1.5 year old computer. Specs: I5 6600K 3.5Ghz ( clocked to 3.8 ) Watercooled CPU, 16 GB RAM, Radeon RX 480 and 500GB SSD. And i cant even run DCS smooth, not even 1.5 is running 100% smoothly.. very minor lags in combat etc. But Open Alpha is worse, specially when i fly over Vegas and look down it's starting to lag, same with Normandy. With Airports and over the desert it runs almost smooth. I do play other games that is very graphic demanding and i have no lag in other new games with pretty high settings (high or ultra settings), some of them in MAX setting, and getti
  6. Yep, you're right, Serbia not Syria. :D If found the article i did read some years ago.. http://aviationweek.com/blog/case-missing-f-117-parts-2001
  7. Yeah sorry my bad, i remember know it was an article about F-117 shot down in Syria! Thank's for the link with info :thumbup: Stealth is a subject i admit i haven't studied much. It's a interesting thing, how effective is it and how it will change present and future air combat. Pak Fa against an F-22 would be interesting, level the playing field.
  8. Well i can agree on that, first shot is very often a vital part of victory! But i read that F-22 has been shot down in enemy territory, and the stealth reflective materials may have been studied. So newer radar systems may have been adapted to detect "stealth" features. The F-22 is a physical object flying in the sky stealth or not, so when more advanced radars are in service, stealth may have a problem... until they upgrade the stealth materials... Thanks for the info.
  9. One thing is how important is the stealth feature in today's modern air combat? How good is the F-22 Stealth vs enemy planes without stealth for example? Su-35S vs F-22 difference is mainly stealth capability in the F-22..(in rough comparison). But Su-35S has longer radar range.. Are there some evidence showing how effective Stealth is in air combat? Or or is it mainly effective against ground radar? Would be fun to see statistics how effective stealth is in combat vs newer 4th+ generation fighter jets (Su-35s,Eurofighter,Dassault Rafale etc).
  10. One big thing DCS World is missing is a 4th generation Russian fighter jet with clickable cockpit. It's a little weird that a Russian owned game have more American/European planes than Russian planes, i thought it would be the other way around. But as stated by Matt Wagner.. Politics.. :(
  11. As far as i see it, air acrobatics like in the video is just that, acrobatics. It's just for show usually, but also to give some impression about the aircraft. Can't see it was stated that the SU-35S is capable of maneuvers like that with full load anyway. Anyhow, pilots that do train maneuvers like this in the video, will learn the aircraft's threshold thoroughly, that's something you can use in combat.
  12. Well you never know, in 10-20 years maybe the Russian's will put a couple of Laser's on the SU-35 :lol:
  13. That was just beautiful to watch, seems like he was dancing in the skies. Mad piloting skills! About the dummy missile, i think it will give some extra upward pitch faster, but i think the main feature here is thrust vectoring capability, that's a game changer.
  14. Yes and thrust vectoring is also a great way to make fancy acrobatics!
  15. Really nice work!! I used to make models myself but not at this quality. Last one i tried to do was a SU-27 SKM splinter camo, everything was painted and ready only canopy left but i destroyed the canopy class (got glue on it), then in frustration i did throw the whole model in the garbage. Yes i regret it:D
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