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  1. Thanks, see that Kingsfield is there now. I was expecting it to say Dhekelia
  2. Will both Akrotiri and Dhekelia be included in the Cyprus expansion?
  3. In, the mean time until a keybinding is added you can use the following workaround. Start the HMD with the mouse when you start up the A-10. Then make it SOI with Coolie Switch down. Now you can use DMS long left to turn it on and off.
  4. I really hope it is a completely new template that does not contain 11 psd files :-)
  5. In the FAQ thread it is mentioned that the external model is updated. Does this mean that we will also get a new skin template for the A-10C?
  6. I do not remember the exact settings so I had to do it again. This version looks almost the same. You can see before and after and the lightroom settings.
  7. Slightly manipulated in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  8. You gonna start now? Please count how many times you have to press the F5 key before you see the patch notes. I guess it will probably be a few more hours so you should be able to press the key a few 100 times :-)
  9. Well, that depends. You are partly right. But their readability depends on how high you have set your pixel density in the VR options. I used to have mine at 1.3 and then it was as you said hard to read. But sins I upgraded my graphics card to RTX 2080ti I have been able to increase it to 1.7 and after that they are much clearer.
  10. In the Hornet the fingerlift is used to activate the afterburner. If you do not want tu use that, then there is a setting you can change in settings for the aircraft.
  11. You do know that you can set the engines from off to idle by lifting the throttle and advance it forward to idle position with the Worthog throttle right (Im guessing TMHW is shourt for Thrustmaster Warthog)?
  12. Ok, if you do not want to use voice, then here is another suggestion. Requires a new peice of hardware though. Get one of these: https://www.razer.com/eu-en/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-tartarus-pro?utm_source=google&utm_medium=search-brand&utm_campaign=_RS_TXN_BTM_EU__TR&gclid=CjwKCAjw7-P1BRA2EiwAXoPWA9mYrElnNkGMAKzRKwXvQC5Mu0nq5prvG6QqnT28_UTtNaOyY25eKhoCFRsQAvD_BwE I have programmed all the function keys to it plus the button for the com menu and reset VR position. Just place it next to you throttle. It is not any more difficult to use then the switches on your throttle
  13. I cannot open the youtube link only get an error, is the video still on youtube?
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