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  1. the radar in the map of Syria still gives problems of FPS drops
  2. it is probably still not clear that mig21 cannot be used in Syria ..
  3. New in Tiger Meet 2021: added F-18 in the red faction and JF-17 in the blue faction 2 new support bases for rearm and refuel: Tha'lah red and Tiyas blue
  4. 2RGT Oberst

    Benvenuti !

    Ciao e benvenuto. Il nostro server pubblico e' attivo H24 7 su 7. Multiplayer Server: ==2RGT==|Dynamic Server|PvP|PvE|Modern|Cold War|Persistent ti allego la descrizione della campagna dinamica Ciao Descrizione_mix.txt
  5. I confirm, the radar has deteriorated after the last update.
  6. ahaha .. I use them often before overtaking
  7. Last night's flight over the Persian Gulf. We were two GCI following the flights, nice coordination
  8. the problem is still there. The decline in FPS occurs when there are clouds on the radar or you fly at low altitude (visibility of the ground on the radar). At high altitude, planes are seen while at low/medium altitude, you don't see planes.
  9. night flight is very fascinating ... you absolutely need a GCI, otherwise it becomes very difficult to spot enemy planes
  10. this module is fantastic, the most beautiful and difficult to pilot, but once love is triggered, it will become one with you. That said, there are currently 2 big problems to solve and they are all radar related. drop in FPS and the inability or almost impossible to view and lock the enemy on the radar.
  11. speaking personally (some of my squadron pilots, will not approve), I prefer the old "guard" MiG21 and Albatros (nostalgic for old times)
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