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  1. To be fair not all modules come with a campaign e.g. F-5E, F-86, MIG-15, Harrier. The Hornet's small campaign was put together when the module was still in very early access. Some modules do come with campaigns, of varying standards that is true. With that said there are literally hundreds of player missions that you can try and at least one major 3rd party campaign on the way that I'm aware of.
  2. Hatefury

    F-15E UFC poll

    Literally the first post on this thread, Suite 4+
  3. Hatefury

    F-15E UFC poll

    Jester was made specifically for the F-14 as a RIO is required to operate that jet. It would not be as simple as dragging and dropping one from the other a complete rework would be required, not to mention you would need to credit HB for that work. All radar operation, tpod operation etc can be done from the front, so its not needed and could be done entirely by yourself in a single player mission.
  4. Hatefury

    F-15E UFC poll

    Same air to air loadout as the 15C. RB have said you will be able to operate with 2 people in the aircraft. There will be no AI WSO as its technically not needed.
  5. Yeah I just ran into that doing the constant peg 3rd gen instant action mission all the missile didn't work.
  6. Myself and a few others are also getting no servers on the list currently. I haven't found the source of the issue yet but I wouldn't be surprised if part of the issue is ED's server is getting hammered.
  7. They are probably ok with it otherwise it wouldn't have got this far. SMEs are involved in the development of most (possibly all) of the modules.
  8. Check out page 158 of the manual for how to create mark points.
  9. Not really as Scotland is part of the UK. There is a reason though RB have called it South Atlantic though as calling it the Falklands or Malvinas is likely to spark a large political argument they don't overly need/want. (Also probably what this thread is at risk of becoming anyway). I wouldn't expect to see another map until this one has been flashed out. SHAR and Pucara have been confirmed as being worked on and we've seen some base images for the SHAR (very long way off for both). I'm not sure if it would be worth RB doing a GR3 as well, but a Mirage 3 seemed to be very much on the c
  10. Off the top of my head. F-5, A-10A, heuy, MI-8 Viggen. MIG-21, MIG19, MIG15, F-86 and a couple of the WW2 birds I'd have to double check.
  11. Occasionally a 3rd gen scenario is run on Caucasus.
  12. I would say it's very safe to assume that the FRS1 and AV8B are very different aircraft.
  13. It got paused at the end so I'm a little unsure. Was the location of the 120 being interpreted and fed back or was it just showing the 120 on the highest threat ring? So basically does the pod tell us where fox 3 missiles are?
  14. I think the best solution (as ever) would be to offer choice. A lot (but far from all) of big multiplayer servers avoid having same aircraft on both sides at which point spoofing the IFF wouldn't be an issue. The other thing to bear in mind with this is the only aircraft it would impact would be the JF-17 itself, for every other aircraft it would have no impact so a friendly F-14 / 18 / 2000 etc would see you as friendly no matter what, similarly enemy aircraft, that are not JF-17s would not be spoofed by you either. It would be nice for ED to update IFF at a base level, part of me hopes
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