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  1. I can get you a 3% discount on EVGA graphics cards. EVGA cards have a 3 year transferrable warranty which means they hold their value really well on the secondary market. I got my 3090 at MSRP after waiting in their queue system for 5 weeks. I passed on several queue notifications for other SKUs because I wanted the Kingpin model. Wait for 3080's is longer though. On US Ebay scalping market isn't that bad right now. Cards are going for maybe $100 - $200 over MSRP. I still wouldn't pay that much just on principle to discourage the market, but people are buying them.
  2. Hey Koe, Builds look good. If you were gaming only I would suggest the 10600K ($199.99 over here). But Solidworks and related programs scale with threads and cores. DCS and the overwhelming majority of games do not. Instead of 64GB of RAM consider a 32 GB kit binned at a higher frequency and lower CAS latency. You'll see actual performance benefit out of that. If DCS is using all 32GB something is wrong that will be patched out. I realize the new AMD chips are all the rage right now. I just picked one up myself. So far there is no evidence of any significa
  3. Success! I won't be able to get a motherboard for a couple weeks, but couldn't pass this up. We'll see how she does compared my 9900K. Does anyone have some recommendations for motherboards? I'm kind of starting from scratch here. X570? B450? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Nice! I've had an in-stock notification for a 5950x with B&H Photo for about 3 months now. Nothing! I've never seen anything like this. I just checked my local Microcenter they have 25+ in stock at $299.99 as well, I hope they still have one by Saturday! No 5950x They also have 10600K's at $199.99 on sale.
  5. For DCS the single core performance of your CPU will limit numbers of AI, visib range, and shadows for example. VRAM is mainly for textures and antialiasing. It's not going to be a noticeable limiting factor for most people. Now if you are playing in VR, VRAM will be more important (why I bought a graphics card with 24GB of VRAM with a wide bus and bandwidth) but you'll still be more likely to notice a single core botteneck and stuttering from a bad CPU choice.
  6. My PC: i7-4770k GTX 1060 6Gb SSD 500 GB 16 RAM No offense brother, you need to look up a very important concept called Moore's law. Your CPU is almost 8 years old and your CPU is a mid range card from almost 5 years ago. That's a long time in computer time. DCS devs shouldn't be obligated to "optimize" for people who don't upgrade their computers. Just to keep things in perspective, A new XBOX or Playstation 5 has more graphics processing power than your rig. I'm not sure how much a Vulkan based graphics engine is going to
  7. For up to 10% off Power Supplies! 5% off Motherboards! 3% off GPUs! use my EVGA Associate's code. I earn a small percentage as a "finder's fee" that I can use for components. EVGA graphics cards have a 3 year transferable warranty and hold their value really well.


    Can't find a graphic's card? Get in line today in the EVGA queue system. I received mine a little over a month since I signed up and got in line. 




  8. Sorry Scott. He doesn't understand my sense of humor. I would just really like to see some 3600 vs 5600 benchmarks in DCS. I'm hoping to start collecting data for a public spreadsheet. Just with some back of the envelope math it would take $5,000 -$10,000 for a proper Intel and AMD test bench with the different CPUs and GPUs people are curious about. Until very recently, it was get the latest Intel/Nvidia combo and you were good. We have real competititon again and I know a lot of people are curious what the performance/dollar is for the various components available
  9. I just bought the Syria Map. I haven't had a chance to to check out how much RAM it uses. Is it's current RAM usage going to be the status quo from now on or will it be optimized to use less than 32 GB of RAM? As for 64 or 128, I would argue that more than 32 GB is nice to have but consider the cost of a high binned 32 GB kit with a 4000MHz+ XMP profile and a low CAS latency like 14. You have to have the right pairing of RAM and motherboard but if you get get those high frequency XMP profiles running stable that will increase performance. Diminishing returns applies of course, but
  10. Thinder, People don't buy Kingpins for their performance per dollar ratio. It's a competitive overclocking card. If you just want to game you should get the 3090 FTW Ultra Hybrid. If performance per dollar is a priority a builder should get a 3060 Ti or 3070 for Nvidia and I believe the 6700x for AMD, although I'm not as familiar with their product stack. I even saw a few benchmarks where a 6900X beat a 3090 in a few games. I don't think it would beat this card if properly tuned, but given MSRP (if you can find it) is $999 that's a good buy. I always told
  11. Yeah, I'm not aware of any 3090 that only has 1 cooling fan, that would be a serious design mistake. This card is actually going under a waterblock as soon as one is available. Then I can really see what she can do.
  12. I'm ready to order as well. I'm OK with slow shipping.
  13. EVGA has a queue system. I was on the waiting list for a little over a month. I passed over a 3090 FTW and a couple other SKUs waiting for a Kingpin. For the 3080 models I think the wait is longer though. I can also get you a 3% discount. Every little bit helps. There's actually a nice little community that's developed on the EVGA forums around the queue system. People are tracking notifications sent out, cards bought, etc. I was able to to get advanced notice when I was coming up in the queue so I didn't miss the email. I think Nvidia and AMD are both kicking themselves they didn
  14. Nice! Thanks for taking the time to do this and presenting your data in an efficient manner. Much better than a wall of text regurgitating AMD marketing materials.
  15. SOLD!!! Thank you ED and the community... One Gametrix Jetseat, Model KW-908 for sale. $199 or best offer There is usually a couple months lead time required when you order one from Andre. I will ship this to you USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days) right now. Experience vibration feedback and the immersion of flying by the seat of your pants. I liked it so much I upgraded. I only used this one for about 2 months while I was waiting for Andre to make a custom version for me. For those not familiar: I've conducted several transactions thr
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