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  1. No, it’s not but it’s higher than my example! Blimey.
  2. I’m not talking about the other landings, the first landing only as obviously this is the only 2-point, and in comparison to my examples. Sorry I should have made that clearer. Either way he doesn’t balloon into the air.
  3. Another good example from Fred Christensen of the 56th FG. Check this video from 0:30 - his sink rate is much more aggressive yet the damping is sufficient enough to prevent any bounce.
  4. Oil system has a viscosity valve, obviously oil viscosity relating directly to its temperature. Exactly the same idea, when viscosity is too high it’ll remain closed and oil will bypass the radiator. This clearly isn’t modelled in DCS currently either as the oil temp is remaining way too cool. There’s a pressure relief valve in the oil system which is pretty self-explanatory. Spring pressure is calibrated to open at 80psi. Again, this certainly isn’t modelled in DCS. At the moment I’m hitting 130+psi at max. cruise at altitude. 90-100 in level flight even at low altitude. It shoul
  5. @NineLine Hi Nineline, have attached a track and another video recorded directly from that track, hopefully showing it more clearly. You can seen how much excessive input i'm having to give when the wheels even lightly contact the runway to keep the nose from bunting into the air. The track and control input indicator should back this up. The front-on view in the video also clearly shows the over-reaction from the struts when light contact is made, it's this over-reaction and seeming lack of damping which needs tuning in my opinion. P47 wheelr.trk
  6. Hi Nineline, yes it was, although get exactly the same reaction in SP. I’ll post up a track when I can.
  7. Exactly. Most of the shock load from that little a sink rate would be taken by the tyres alone. Whereas currently in DCS the shocks are fully compressing and uncompressing with equal measure immediately.
  8. +1 to the Badders’ original post and to KitKatCarson’s post. Have produced a short video to make the point. It’s pretty clear this isn’t normal behaviour... It’s as if the dampers are not functioning much at all. If you compare this directly to the excellent footage of the 4thFG which KitKatCarson posted, it still needs tuning.
  9. Another example of this happening .. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkS7R_4qBbVlgZ8eM430ol9oFpKKNg
  10. Ah gotcha, very interesting. Will give that a whirl. Thanks Flappie @Flappie problem fixed, thanks. Warthog throttle seems to be the culprit.
  11. Also having an issue similar to these chaps... basically when i load DCS Openbeta it gets stuck on the initial loading screen at 100%. I have been running DCS perfectly well, even an hour ago! Restarted my PC and now this... I get this error message in the logs on startup (these are the last two lines): 2021-03-11 22:02:43.083 ALERT Dispatcher: Error starting Game GUI: [string "./MissionEditor/MissionEditor.lua"]:86: invalid order function for sorting 2021-03-11 22:02:43.083 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:2 I checked this MissionEdit
  12. That’s superb! Works a treat. Thanks very much
  13. Hi javelina1, would you mind sharing this modded mod of yours? Would be much appreciated:) Wiggy
  14. +1 I appreciate OpenBeta is a place to experiment but this is certainly a change that doesn’t work. A complete immersion killer.
  15. Just bumping this thread. So far no change. Using the module is slightly tainted without being able to trim it out as one should. Any news or updates?? Cheers, Wiggy
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