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  1. I hope the M-2000C will continue to be improved ! It's still my favorite module despite the fact it's a bit overwhelmed by quite all others... oh ! And welcome! [emoji12]
  2. Favorite for me too! As a pure interceptor, you can do only a few tasks with it but it's the best to fly with!
  3. Ok sounds not totally false, I admit it. I guess we'll have to deal with what we have... And enjoy it! Me I do! As a French I'm also probably not totally objective... i saw mirage 2000 flight over my house since 38 years. I'm so glad to have te possibility to flight with it... DCS is "only" a game... despite the realism.
  4. I think only a irl fighter pilot will have the capability to answer our questions but razbam showed the product to French army and they didn't look shocked by poor realism... By the way, M2000 is still a must have on DCS with is own "personality" and a real pleasure to dog fight and intercept with him !
  5. If I can... I understand you both despite opposite feelings but I think critisme again M2000 are a bit severe. I guess, you can't espect a delta wings aircraft react like a F-16 or F-18. At very low speed ( <200kts ) you really feel the "life" you talke about !
  6. Yeah ! Great here too on Vive Pro ! :thumbup: Incredible field of view this F-16 ! Panoramic view !
  7. Happy to see it's not only me... It happens very often in single player since 2.5.5
  8. A way to pushback planes !
  9. For you, there's no problem ? 2000's radar seams to be slow to lock a target just front of the aircraf sometimes... I don't know if it's a bug but all others aircraft don't have this problem. Maybe it's a normal situation, with 2000, we are back to 80's and maybe electronical post treatment was very long.
  10. It's not because your are in training mission ? You have same thing in normal mission ? Because I think training mission is scripted and wants you to turn on alignment I just did a try with ultra minimal procedure - batt on - ask for ground power - fuel shut off selector on - startup button (throttle at 10%) I didn't touch anything else, engine start and running well
  11. Sure ventil/ignition button on R or L ? Maybe out of battery, when you can't startup, try to call for ground power
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