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  1. Roll back your nvidia driver https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/255515-nvidia-graphics-driver-after-48148-causing-vr-stuttering/
  2. I had this happen to me (1080ti, Index) but only when I had MSAA enabled - F-14 on the deck of the Supercarrier when I would turn my head towards any objects, primarily with the tower but also with smoke/steam trails of launching aircraft. I tried changing the new mask size parameter and no difference. I wasn't experiencing whole eye blackouts, but rather large black rectangles about the size of aircraft. I disabled MSAA and no longer had the problem. My buddy reported he was also getting black rectangles at one point briefly while using a Odyssey+. AFAIK it was only brief f
  3. Is there a workaround for AIRIO navigation points on multiplayer servers with map markers already placed? I created a map marker but was unable to get Jester to enter it. Hollywood mentioned a revamp in the most recent update but I'm not aware of what if anything has changed. Also, is there a way to et Jester to tune radio channels (presets) instead of static frequencies?
  4. Multiplayer will evolve, like it has with every module that has come before it. The poll as it stands almost perfectly reflects my own personal Hornet priorities. HARM, ATFLIR, A2G Radar, AA Radar, JHMCS (in that order).
  5. Ouch. I don't remember my experience with my DK2 and DCS but I do remember going from DK2 to CV1 in Elite Dangerous. There was a big difference in the ability to read text. I exclusively use my Odyssey with DCS now. The only thing I don't care for is that if there's some lag the visuals stop and drop to the SteamVR space temporarily. It's a bit jarring but seems like it hasn't happened much recently. I wish it behaved a bit more like the CV1 in that regard, but I agree with OP that the visuals are much better in the Odyssey.
  6. First off, I want to express my thanks for DCS and the incredible modules Eagle Dynamics and its partners have provided. This is a niche market of very demanding players and I'm super thrilled to have a sim of this quality with support for a constantly evolving list of new planes, new features, and a huge thanks for VR support. I've started playing Multiplayer more and more lately, largely due to the (somewhat) recent availability of both Hoggit's Georgia at War and Through The Inferno. My reasoning is simple: These are the types of missions that appeal to me, namely larger scale PvE. A
  7. Did you install the Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR program (in steam)? That's the mixed reality plugin for SteamVR and is required for DCS and other Steam VR games.
  8. The TrackIR system is only tracking Infrared light (and afaik has an IR filter) so general ambient lighting shouldn't be an issue. Its certainly possible that the projector potentially _could_ put out a bunch of infrared light but probably doesn't. If it becomes an issue, I'd pick up something like a TrackHat that will directly output IR tracking lights that should be brighter than any ambient noise.
  9. I can't speak to the projector's performance, but VR which is especially sensitive to display lag targets 20 millisecond (or less) "motion to photon" performance. That also includes the render time but it might at least give you a comparable target.
  10. I have an Odyssey and its currently exhibiting major issues with DCS that I can recreate simply by starting up the NTTR Viggen Cold and Dark mission and proceeding through startup. About the time the radar comes up the system is almost unusable and then proceeds to hang / crash. I'm fortunate to also have a Rift which works fine with the same settings. After a couple attempts I managed to submit feedback in the Microsoft Feedback Hub with a capture that will hopefully lead to some improvements. If you're interested, feel free to upvote that post (titled "SteamVR Judder and poor performan
  11. I use them in both the A10C and the Harrier. They're useable but not ideal. I usually grab the inside portion to give my fingers some sort of reference position and then fumble around for the buttons. That said, I think I often hit the wrong button about 35% of the time. It hasn't caused any real problems yet, but if I'm in a hurry I often grab the mouse to click in-game for the sake of accuracy.
  12. I ran into the same black screen bug configuring controls in 2.2 for the AV-8B. Deleting options, input, etc. didn't seem to help. In game assignment of controls works fine. Thanks for the workaround.
  13. Misleading because at launch it will be VR only; the difference however is that all the hardware components are there to be able to support mixed reality _eventually_ but most likely aren't ready. As the Tested video points out, AR becomes VR with a black screen, and VR can become AR with a camera in passthrough. Theoretically all the MR headsets should be able to support both if the software can selectively integrate objects in your environment (which it already is doing to be able to support its positional tracking). That said, ultimately in the VR/AR/MR arena software is king. This
  14. Any word on the configuration software release date?
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