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  1. Thanks for business Sir! And happy New Year to all our pilots!
  2. Thanks for business folks! We appreciate your support. Grips will be mailed out some time next week as soon as the xmas craze ebbs down a bit. Cheers! All the best of luck and fun to your families!
  3. Материал. Алюминиевый сплав. Крепкий. Не силумин, не цинковая обманка. По прочности близкий к алюминиевым сплавам 6061 серии - автопром, авиация, судостроение, слова - символы выносливости и силы. Лёгкий. Вес ручки важен. Тяжелая ручка создает дополнительную нагрузку на центровочный механизм джойстика. Наличие удлинителя при тяжёлой ручке добавляет проблем и ухудшает прогнозы её долголетия. Ручка должна быть красивой, сильной и легкой. Как атлет. Кто-нибудь видел гимнастов, под которыми ломаются брусья и трещат брёвна? Информаци
  4. Don pls check your PM (sorry for offtopic)
  5. No funny stuff like those alloys whose names we don't speak out. A decent aluminum blend whose composition we prefer to keep private. Durable yet lightweight. The weight is highly important. Many think the heavier the better - and there can hardly be a mistake more ridiculous than this. (indeed, why don't they make airplane parts from crude cast iron?) A heavy grip loads centering mechanism of the base, and in case it sits on an extension tube things get even worse. A good grip is lightweight (but sinewy), durable, and beautiful. Athletic, in a word. Anyone saw an athlete making bars an
  6. Sorry pilots, all information you want will follow in the announcement I only disclosed as much as the company decided I could. Buttons, surface, etc., - we will tell you everything and more. Talking metal vs plastic - yes it's been our position, too - but people have that thing for metal, so metal it is. Like I said, the material of the hull is just the visible/tangible part. More is inside, and those invisible changes are tectonic. @streakeagle - of course it does look nearly identical. It is a copy grip. Whatever changes should not, and will not, affect its similarity to th
  7. All those interested in VKB bases standalone are welcome to write to sales (at) vkb-sim dot pro with your details (at least location; they may ask you more Qs like what VKB grips you currently possess but I can't tell you for sure as I'm not with the sales team). We do sell bases as promised. We just don't put them openly on shelves for some certain reasons. :joystick:
  8. Nah I wouldn't worry. As I said, for the user the difference is merely psychological. But yes of course, we will gratefully take a few bucks from you :))
  9. So, what's that about cams in your Gunfighters being different? Some people're wondering, I only got my GF a few months back, and when I bought the second for my left hand now I saw the cams were different. How to tell older from newer? What cams are better? Now, here is the story (and before the story, here is the picture). The FIRST generation cams were CNC'ed from steel. Used in models: Mamba, Gladiator Pro, GF1, GF2. Good: hard, lasts forever. Bad: may corrode in humid climate, as well as during long sea shipment. Solution: this contradiction was dealt with by chromium powder
  10. Nope all I am saying is please keep talking to the sales team (of which I am not a part) - they might miss something out, or have a momentary overload, or stalled due to language problem, or whatever - but they are there to help, and they normally do. I will talk to them, but as a hint, make your messages to them _obviously_ sticking out. Like, begin the subj line with clear "AUS" word in caps. They will immediately know what it's about and at least won't let it sink.
  11. I will look into this. Just some bad stars alignment... no other explanation. But I'll take care. Pls ASAP PM me with your email address. No more information, as I can't directly interfere, just your email so I know what to get looked for. Aussies please excuse us. We know Aliexpress sucks kangaroo balls but at the moment little we can do. Please talk directly to sales (they normally work fine). We're working on dealership since some time ago, and if not the virus you'd have your very own dealer already. So please write to the sales directly.
  12. What's the problem guys? Pls write to sales @ vkb - sim . pro - and the adapter will jump right into your hands. :joystick:
  13. Gday! I looked into the matter. The problem is (better to say, the problems are) that Aliexpress sees all Australia as one delivery zone, while in actual fact there are many remote areas. Mail operators impose surcharge on shipments to those locations. We had a signal from Aliexpress when the mail carrier asked for $20 premium, and our staff tried to contact you several times asking to pay the above sum. Their requests were probably not received for some reason, or trashed as potential spam. Then, by Aliexpress rules, if the goods are not mailed out, they automatically cancel the order, and i
  14. Neat is the word I was going to use! @Tundra
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