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  1. I'm also having an issue with sort of the same thing, but not exactly. For me, I am hosting a server on one PC and trying to join from another. I am using two different accounts. They are both on the same network. The server actually does show up in the list, however when I click to join, it shows the address as being a very odd combination of letters and numbers (which is definitely not my public or private IP address). I click join, and nothing happens. When I try to connect by IP using the local LAN address, though, it does indeed say address unavailable.
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm not too concerned about having all the speakers, mostly just that I have sound at all and a working bass.
  3. This isn't directly related to DCS but I could use some advice on this as it will be something I use for DCS. About a year ago my friend bought a logitech X 540 surround sound speaker system (on craigslist) which has a set of speakers and a subwoofer. The subwoofer did not work at all and is broken, so he sold the whole thing to me for almost nothing. The speakers work fine, however I do want a subwoofer that works. I can't seem to find a replacement sub for this particular set anywhere (except for buying the entire set again, which I don't want to do), however I have found other subwoofers th
  4. Just installed SRS, but the program doesn't even open. Tried running as admin and still nothing. I'm running the SR-ClientRadio.exe - any ideas? I've reinstalled several times.
  5. Ok, been on for a while with customer support from naturalpoint. Tried full reinstall, updating drivers, using different USB ports, and nothing. In fact my camera only seems to be degrading more. Unless someone is able to come up with a solution sent from heaven, I'm afraid I'm going to have to invest in a second camera.
  6. Out of curiosity would anyone want to see an F/A-18D along with the C? I personally would love to see one. I know we don't need one considering the C can pretty much perform all the same functions, but I think it would be really interesting to be able to fly sorties with the shared workload. Plus I think it would just be awesome to have a buddy with you in the plane to spot targets and yell at you for messing up your landings, etc. Not to mention it would be really helpful for newer Hornet pilots to have an experienced guy in the back as instructor. Just a thought! (I don't expect ED to make o
  7. So I've been having some issues with my track IR that are getting me quite worried. I posted something on the naturalpoint forums yesterday but it has yet to be reviewed by a moderator so it's not showing up in their forums - so I decided to ask around here and see if anyone else has had something like this happen. Here's the issue: I start up track IR, everything seems normal at first. Then suddenly, the camera just stops tracking. And I don't mean it gets all spastic because of another light source or something, I mean it actually just stops tracking everything altogether. Both green ligh
  8. Haha, I had the same realization as you a couple of months ago! It felt like I had opened the door into a whole new plane of existence.
  9. Please! This is something we need for training.
  10. Catah


    Glad to see your name on the Third Party section! Congratulations!!!
  11. Thanks for the info guys, glad to learn the cause of this sound. Now I'm just wondering if it will be modeled into our Hornet module that the sound becomes prolonged when the throttles aren't up all the way into idle. No, I haven't seen it before but that would be pretty funny haha. EDIT: Now that I think about it, I guess that wouldn't be modeled in because the throttle going from cutoff to idle is a key bind so there's no in between the two states.
  12. After listening to the startups on Wags' livestreams, I was wondering if anyone knew if ED made the engine "groan" sound variable during startup. By that I mean, does the sound length and frequency change based on conditions like temperature, humidity, or maybe anything else that could effect the amount of time it takes to get the engine cranked up to idle? Just asking out of curiosity and because I have heard in videos of F/A-18s starting up that the "groaning" from the F404s is sometimes longer and sometimes shorter.
  13. Absolutely agree that dynamic campaign is an absolute must-have for DCS. A full, unpredictable environment to fly our aircraft in would just be wonderful. As great as our current campaigns are, I think it would be a completely different experience to have DC too. If we're talking about modules though, I support the idea of multi-crew. With the F-14, Mi-24, and F-4E coming along, I think DCS is heading towards a new age beyond single seaters, and personally I love the idea of working other roles in an aircraft.
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