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  1. Same here. Aircraft explodes just after taking the pilot's seat. V6.6 in Syria at Beirut airport,
  2. Established user file mission crashes DCS at start after selecting role. No mods and repair completed ( check all files), Thanks Skyspin dcs.log-20210415-143414.zip
  3. So unless I missed something, there was absolutely nothing done in today's update to fix the ability for trains to be seen in multi player. Skyspin
  4. Voted yes and would buy if there is a Vietnam map. Skyspin
  5. Would like to see sounds added to reflect the refueling basket or probe making contact with the canopy or body of the jet. Maybe some sort of a considerable clunking sound if it bumps or a grating noise as it scrapes over the surface. Definitely would increase the realism and another item to "jangle" the nerves.. Sincerely, Skyspin
  6. toutenglisse Thanks so much. Working very well now and will be perfect for the Syrian mission I'm designing. I've even had success with changing the frequency to another channel rather than 1X. I'm thinking that some of my problems were a too older version of Notepad++ besides not able to get the correct system in the script.....plus my difficulty grasping LUA. Thanks again and I appreciate that members will readily come to the aid of those seeking help. Sincerely, Skyspin
  7. With much appreciation for the help, I am still having difficulty achieving results with the script file. I am totally lost when it comes to learning the lua script...cannot get past print ("Hello World")..after that the light bulb will not come on in my head. watching many videos and reading tutorials just confuses me. Sorry but that's why I'm humbly asking for help. The example provided by toutenglisse is much appreciated but what I'm looking for is to have a TACAN Beacon (Man Portable) TTS 3030. turn on, turn off, turn on, etc etc.. The example mission he provided is of an airborne ta
  8. OK. Got it now. Thanks. Don't know what the difficulty was but its open fine now. Again thanks so much. A big help. Sincerely, Skyspin
  9. Thanks for your help. All I get is the miz file and not the lua script when I extract using 7zip. Maybe you just sent the miz file by itself? Anyway thanks for your time and effort to create the example mission as it does illustrate what I'm trying to include in a mission. I certainly need to learn more about MIST. Sincerely, Skyspin
  10. Thanks again but all I see with the download is the miz. file with no zip file to be extracted to give the lua script...no (l10N\default\ folder) Am I missing something? Sincerely, Skyspin..
  11. Thanks. I'm totally unfamiliar with MIST. Can you post the script of the scheduler function you used in the example so I can maybe see how it's written in the frame work. Thanks again, Skyspin
  12. I'm trying to put in a mission a remote Tacan that turns on and off periodically. I can start with it off, have it come on and transmit and then turn it off. However at this point I cannot get it to turn back on and have it repeat an on and off profile. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Sincerely, Skyspin
  13. Let's not forget our trains, guys. We need them rolling and "Chuggin" along like the real thing and visible to all in multi-player. We've got the tracks, the stations, the rail yards, the bridges, and the equipment. It's there. It's about time. Sincerely, Skyspin
  14. Static trucks, tanks,and cargo cannot be set on a flatbed without it still be showing sitting on the ground. A pre-unload view that would place the equipment properly in a natural elevated position is needed. Of course this would greatly enhance missions if trains could carry equipment and show that properly too. Since trains are not visual to all in multiplayer and conform to way point rules in the ME, this fix would be awesome too.
  15. Well I think the Normandy map is quite good. There is a lot of detail and of course things will appear different depending on your altitude, speed, weather, etc... In fact I recently posted a scenario mission in the "users" files set in the post Normandy invasion time frame. Each time you load the mission a different task is presented and it's set for both single and multi player. Normandy Summer of 1944 Here's the link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310523/ Enjoy! There's so much you can do with it besides just flying the task.... and now working on a Channel
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