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  1. Thank you for your update - but does it also mean that the map will be optimized for better performance? At the moment, although Syria map is looking great, the performance is quite subpar for not to say bad...
  2. I had a similar problem when lauching DCS some week ago - I took very long (about 5 min.!) just to get the main menu. And it was porked, sluggish and I don't want to mention how long it took to load a simple (nearly empty) mission, which ended in a slide show, although I did not change any settings at all. Now, although I'm not a friend of reinstalling games just because it doesn't seem to work as it should (or already did), this time I did - with anger - but I did. I deleted the whole crap, everything! And now everything is running just fine on my humble system.
  3. Check your thrust (throttle) axis - did you accidently assign your throttle axis to just one engine (right engine?) - if I remember correctly - no I'm actually sure - you can assign a throttle axis to each engine, assuming you have a split throttle lever, like Warthog, VirPil, Saitek X55, X56 etc.
  4. While you're at it - did you check your deadzones too?
  5. It's in your game options - see in the tab "Misc." - there is the option "Synchronize Cockpit Controls with HOTAS at mission start".
  6. Hi, I just tested the very same mission (you mean the Gauntlet mission over Syria?) - my F18 starts airborne but without gear/hook down. So all good here. Question: Is it possible, that you synchronise your input devices when mission is loading/starting (it's actually an option where you can set this)? Maybe your devices send some input signal for gear/hook down when you load the mission? Cheers
  7. Hi mate, go into your user folder on your C drive and make sure the folder are not hidden. For sure you should have a folder called "Saved Games", because if you do not have this folder, you won't be able to save / store your key bindings. So, do not store any skins/liveries or any other mods in your main game folder - this won't work. Easiest way is to show all files and folder in your file explorer options. Like this: Hope this helps. Cheerio
  8. Ist schon eine Weile her, als ich mich noch mit der Mad Catz Software herumgeschlagen habe. Aber hast Du Dein Profil gespeichert resp. dann für Deine X55 Combo geladen? Was zeigt Dir das Testfenster in der Profil Software? Werden die entsprechenden Tasten (Buchstaben, Zahlen) dort korrekt angezeigt?
  9. Well, I've got the Rhino X55, which has a microstick too. As far as I remember, I did disable it through the profile software (mad catz/SST) and since then never had to bother with it anymore. And no, I do not run nor use the profile software.
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