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  1. Surprise surprise......there's something wrong with a mod........:shocking:
  2. @BlazingTrigger and @mkiii much appreciated, I'll give it a whirl! Rgds,
  3. @BlazingTrigger I have a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, and it doesn't seem to have a RWin button? (There is definitely a LWin button). Given that so many keyboard keys are binded within the DCS A10, how or what key command would you recommend to create the RWin button so that I can utilize the auto start sequence? Appreciate any assistance. PS: not using a HOTAS joystick either. Rgds,
  4. Helps hold that poor old cockpit together.....:renske:
  5. @GazAce, thanks very much for the info....I'll be checking it out asap. Rgds,
  6. Hi all, I've scoured the manual (yes, all 216 pages) and not located a section detailing where in the DCS Menu I can choose to Free Flight and choose my own Weapons Load. Does this exist anywhere? I've been using the same Training Mission in the DCS menu over and over, however I'm not getting the freedom to load the aircraft with the weapons of my choice. eg: I'd like to test the various Maverick models. Appreciate any assistance. Rgds,
  7. @droopy114 Many thanks, the adjustment to DOF cured the problem!
  8. @droopy114 I'll certainly give that a try and report back on the result. Thanks....
  9. Hi all, I'm a newbie to DCS. I'm still working my way around the cockpit and various systems. However, my issue is related to the topic title. My specs are specified below. Specifically, I'm finding that within the VC I'm achieving frames of 60 with nice fluidity. However, once I switch to F2 external view and/or F6 Weapon view, the frames drop sharply to around 14 with intermittent stutters. I was wondering why this was the case, given DCS is 64 bit and my hardware is reasonably solid. I have a wealth of experience in FSX (and previous incarnations - all 32 bit of course)
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