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  1. I had an outdated version of OB 2.5.6. Module purchase would not show up upon login. Ran OB updater from bin folder in explorer, and there she be for downloading. Been waiting for this for a VERY long time. First days of school. Folded more aluminum in the last two days than the last two decades combined.
  2. I have been awaiting this day for a VERY long time. It's the first day of school.
  3. I lived in a small Alaskan community for over 30 years. You could always tell when February had arrived (besides it being -30 outside) by reading the editorial pages of the local newspaper. People get a bit “snarky” about then. Cabin fever is indeed a reality. There are A LOT of armchair pilots here that have been “holed up” way too long…. Hit the off button. Go outside, get some fresh air. Spend some quality time with people you love and tell them why they are important to you. I sit in my “pit seat” with my F18C and all the high tech toys (TM WH, TrackIR etc.) surrounding the seat with m
  4. Thanks for posting this, exactly where I'm at with the same issue. No one mentions the use of the speedbrake as they make the break. Do you gentlemen raise the board into the break? Once at 250 IAS does the board go back down or do you let it stay extended? Thanks!
  5. Looks really great. A true labor of love by the looks of it. Time to just enjoy it!
  6. Deleting the inputs folder and running repair (after learning how to do it from the command line) seems to have done the trick. Took some time but I believe I have a good jet. Still lots of issues to work through with TrackIR and a few other things. At the start of most training missions that start in the air, the jet starts rolling violently as soon as I press the Fly Now button. I can recover, takes a bit. major PITA. Any suggestions? For the most part I can continue my training.
  7. Gentlemen... Thank you. I REALLY appreciate the direction. I'll giverago!
  8. Setting up a new computer. I copied all my DCS OB folder onto the new machine, went through the digital keys to get all the modules back and I appear to have a good transfer. Since I have an empty folder in the new computers Saved Games folder, I simply copied my old folder onto the new machine. I have a TM HOTAS and Throttle, Crosswind rudder pedals and two Cougar MFD button boxes that were all set up and running fine when I tore down the old computer. I’m running into issues getting my controls to work. When I look into the saved games, dcsopenbeta, config, input, A10C I saw two lua fi
  9. I'm upgrading my DCS computer and am looking to add a mouse with a number pad on the side. I have a Corsair IQue on my old system that has WAY too small keys for my size hands. I'm looking a the Reddraggon M908 and the Utechsmart Gaming mouse. Thinking of using programming the numbers for radio comms by programing the number keys for # Functions. I don't have much gaming or multiplayer experience. I might be using Simple Radio also. Does this idea make sense and does anyone have any experience and a recommendation for a gaming mouse with larger number buttons?
  10. The A10C also has a very polished manual, dozens of top of the line tutorial videos, dozens of friendly experienced pilots that can help you with just about anything with the aircraft. I went through the same back and forth numerous times with the A10C and the Hornet. I almost posted a thread entitled "Would Someone Please Make Up My Mind!". If you're going for the long game, I would suggest popping the small fruit with the A10C. By the time you have some logged experience, the F14 will be a bit more polished. It's not going away.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to answer in such detail. It is truly appreciated. Your well spoken thoughts confirm my thinking and make me more comfortable with my decision to fall down the A10C rabbit hole over the F18C's. I truly went back and forth and back and forth again and back and forth yet again the past few months. I did my RL solo in May of 1990 at PAJN. Lived near there most my life. Owned a Stinson 108 Voyager taildragger for a bit then a small Cessna. Have not flown a real aircraft in over 15 years. To give you an idea of my spending time with one aircraft flightsimming, I hav
  12. The A10C manual is almost 700 pages. I've thought of making hard copy of the most useful "hands on" sections. A small fortune to have it printed in color locally. I can print single sided and throw them in a binder, but again, that's alot of pages. I have a Surface I can view the PDF from, but I dislike jumping around the pages and the print is too small on the Surface for my old eyes. I also don't like having to go hands on to move around yet another screen. I know it's a personal decision, but what have you found useful and what did you do that you regreted? Single sided? Double sid
  13. Thank You! for taking a moment to respond. Very helpful! I experienced some of the frustrations of being new to DCS and A10C at the same time and having to chase through forums to utilize the Maple Flag training missions. They did an excellent job, and I'm sure I'm going back to them. Much of the issues were simply out of their control and they can only pay so much attention to looking backwards if they want to keep the doors open. And... there is plenty of A10C support around here if needed, which is great! After going back and forth for months trying to decide what rabbit hole to fall
  14. I had a very difficult time for awhile in my close in formation flying with the A10C. My squadron trainer came to realize something was very wrong with my ability to trim. Turned out my Crosswind rudder petals were in need of a decent calibration. I was flying with a slightly deflected rudder and trying to maintain smooth trim in formation flying became a chore. Got it all sorted out and it was like flying a different aircraft. Don't know your rudder situation, but thought I would mention it.
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