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  1. i had the same thing in todays mp session. trackfile is over 5mb so i didnt include it. engine seized up right after i decided to open oxygen valve at 5km. temp gauges were fine until seizure and in a second they went over 120c
  2. this bug appeared after plane flew through power lines. proller blades were damaged visually displayed with bent blades on top of normal spinning blade animation. plane flew without power loss.
  3. This is some minor observation. I shot an ai p51 in 1v1 training mission, and chopped its tail and part of the fuselage. Then it passed through my 109s cockpit and inlflicted no damage or collision.
  4. This curve value, or any other modification to axis causes drastic changes in trim values. in default linear axis, a little nose up trim(pointing first line up on elevator trim indicator) while taking off prevents undesired pitch up or down. I had difficulty in trimming plane with control curves. with the same take off condition, i had to apply heavy nose down trim to prevent heavy pitch up behaviour. Is this an expected experience with ms ffb2?
  5. i didn't know pilots actually bailed out from inverted plane. yet, there are instances in new dm, ai pilot decides to bail out from an undamaged plane, inverted. by the way, i was waiting for new dm to play your campaigns. gonna start with epsom.
  6. in the instant mission bfm 1v1 for k4 against an ai mustang, ai pilot tries flat scissors to force opponent into an overshoot, which is fine. but sometimes while rolling, it stays in an inverted position. during this manouver, ai pilot ditches the plane, while the plane is inverted, regardless of damage.
  7. looks like club sandwich.
  8. its crazy they model a beautiful plane, yet leave a single problem to bug the users for a long time. it doesnt bother me while flying, but for combat, its literally painful trying to see through ugly reflections, hilarious scratches on canopy, banding propeller. a kind person on user files section has modded props for all the warbirds and some helicopters and while its amateurish, it solves the problem. i really cant understand why this was not done by the company itself.
  9. After landing and shutting the engine, i ejected the pilot. I still had control over control surfaces, walking outside the plane. And after ejecting, an instructor pilot appears on the back seat, which was not there during the flight.
  10. It means priorities have shifted to elsewhere. You may have read the reddit post on hoggit, people were complaining about bugs. It was decisive on ed management that they would focus on bug fixing. We have three hundred less bugs now and zilch agm.
  11. Impressive. Xray shows shrapnels each exerting force on body and subsystems. Each subsystem also has a material assigned. If its aliminum, shrapnel rips through. If it's steel or cast iron, it's deflected. I wonder if shockwaves from bombs or blasts will aslo affect and damage planes?
  12. Higher altitude clouds are represented with a skybox texture currently. Will the new weather rework replace the skybox?
  13. The knobs for flood light seem wrong to me. A small rotation and light intensity is plenty. Then rotate all the way for more intensity. Does these knobs control some kind of nuclear reaction?
  14. Nice touch. Behaves like the instrument light of mig 15.
  15. i've been using your mod(option3) for a week now. the removal of scratches from the canopy enables spotting in max zoom fov. however the front glass still has the same scratches appearing in a zoomed fov. there is one thing i would like to be improved with the mod. when sun reflects from the canopy, it literally blinds me. apart from that i think your mod does a decent job. thanks for improving my experience with the spit. of all the warbirds, i think fw190 a8 has the best looking canopy. imperfections are subtle, distractions and obstrucions are none. just beatiful.
  16. will the graphical engine rework allow better spotting with 1080p and above resolutions? what is the purpose of terrain engine rework? what is the team trying to accomplish with it? i humbly suggest releasing a little bit more detail about the main/sub projects the team is working on. like goals and wishes. most of the frustation here is because people want to know more.
  17. my bad. it's the swap axis option you should check. not the invert option.
  18. I use ms ffb2 joystick. When i apply deadzone and curve to pitch and roll axis, the plane behaves differently. So force feedback joysticks are not eligible for modifying curvature settings. Try resetting your custom curves and deadzone. And make sure you check the invert clickbox in ffb settings. This will probably solve your issue.
  19. It's unacceptable and ridiculous that they had ground radar in 1940 and we still don't have NOW!!!
  20. Both allied and german planes have their iff systems. Are they functional is a mystery. How would ww2 pilots use them actually, without an onboard radar?
  21. we've been waiting for new dm like for ages(two years).
  22. do you think heavy flak works ok in the sim? they act like fireworks in the game, cannot hit anything. in actual use, they had fragmentation effect, that would damage the target. i think this is the thing lacking in the sim. no blast or fragmentation for heavy guns.
  23. normandy map was done by ugramedia.
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