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  1. Update to discord link. https://discord.gg/qPtquGM
  2. I would like to see a system in the game where your profile rank, name and callsign from your logbook sheet automaticly are transfered to the side of the plane. And then also in the logbook create the feature to select some standard helmet design for each plane you have in your inventory and Also the ability to upload your own design for each plane. And then have both text and helmet load for everyone to see when you enter a online server.
  3. Hi. Im in need of some assistance. I have downloaded the paintkit and are trying to open in gimp2.10.8 but its taking forever to open the files. I can read in this thread that there is some problem with gimp. But is it with the painkit files or the files that files extracted before the paintkit was released? And how do i fix this?
  4. Exactly. All you need to do is add which sides the plane should be useable for in the description file. It wont increase size. Give me a pm If you want me help with it :)
  5. First of all great work on the model. Its really great that you take the time to make such a great model. Then a small request. On your next update could you add some skins to USAF Aggressors side. You already have aggressor skin in you pack but they are only on USA side. VFA-126 VFA-127 VC-8 Naval fighter weapon school topgun mig-17 Those skins really should be on usaf agressor side instead. And maybe with the release of the f-14 add a "jester" and "viper" skin to the naval fighter weapon school with matching helmets :P Also if you have the time and idea could be to add a Top Aces and
  6. Is it Also possible to make specific kneeboards to specific planes. Say i have a group og f18 flying sead and another flying Cap. And i want them to have different info on kneeboard. Can this be done using pilot id?
  7. With the f-18C getting more and more gear and getting more and more versatile. isnt it time to update the cvn/cvns with more ramp parking position. I know that there is work on a carrier module. But after a year we still only have 4 ramp positions to start from. Yes i can position more carriers but then again it really not that realistic.
  8. .zip not working aswell. but i dont even get a message that something is wrong.
  9. just tried changeing it to 7z with no luck. nothing happends when i push upload. file size is 138,457kb
  10. Hi I have made a skin pack that i want to upload to the dcs user files. But nothing happends when i push upload. all files are within limits and i have filled out the needed parts. So is there something special to uploading or is it bugged or?
  11. Sorry for the late reply. vacation ;) here is the file cap test.rar
  12. Landing is wp 8. and i tried sending him to waypoint 1 and 7 with same result.
  13. Hi :) Hope someone can help me with this thing. Im trying to set up a plane to defend a area. But only when enemy moves into trigger zone. I got this covered pretty good. But my problem is that every time ai completes a task they return to a airport and land where i want him to return to fly around the designated area. So here is what i have set up for a test to check if things work. I have RED MIG-29 set up as cap, but with cap removed in advanced. It has a ROE=Weapon Hold in adwanced in SP WP. Then it has 6 WP with a "search then engage in zone" in advanced Then a WP 7 with switch
  14. Not really. It will attack out of the zone if it detects a foe. where as with the escort duty it will stay until foe is within the selected range. So if you want to make a defensive cap patrol along a country border. But don want it to attack across the border. But only attack inside its own borders. it wont work
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