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  1. The cliche 'it will be ready when it is ready' always stands. I want it like everyone else, but they say patience is a virtue. :pilotfly:
  2. I use the autopilot for longer tasks. it does drift though so you need to keep monitoring it.
  3. Then look no further than here. https://vr-lens.eu/ If you are in Europe, although I'm sure they will deliver to most places. I have no relation other than ordering a set and they are perfect. So so much better than wearing glasses in the headset. Gets my vote.:thumbup: Sorry, double post.
  4. Then look no further than here. https://vr-lens.eu/ I have no relation other than ordering a set and they are perfect. So so much better than wearing glasses in the headset. Gets my vote.:thumbup:
  5. Another thing to note is that in the approach in some regimes, the rotor disk is operating at peak efficiency. This presents itself as the aircraft not wanting to descend. Sometimes reducing the approach speed will make it easier to adjust the decent with the collective. Hell if this stuff was easy anybody could do it :thumbup: It's a never ending learning process :D
  6. Not sure if this is the right place. Mouse in 1.5 and 2.1 no longer works in VR, you need to point your view to move the cursor. Not a major nause but a step back from the mouse working before.
  7. :thumbup: Translational lift is between 16-24 knots tops. Maybe you don't recognise what it is and how it presents itself. As you accellerate and pass the disc into clean air, the aircraft generates more lift, the pilot compensates by pushing forward on the cyclic to counteract this lift. To understand it fully you need to experience it in a real aircraft, sometimes a bit subtle others a rude awakening. :joystick: Normal climb speed is around 60 kts which might be what you are confusing it with.
  8. The Gazelle flys like a dream. it is smooth and predictable, just like the real thing. It is not known as the Ferrari of helicopters for nothing. I also like the Huey solid and easy to fly. The Mi8 for me is really wobbly. I've never flown one in real life but I just can't get it. Flying a helicopter is not easy. Even in a sim it is not something you will get in 15 minutes. It requires time and effort. It took me almost 3 hours to learn to hover in real life. Mastering a helicopter is one of lifes subtle but most satisfying things. You have a moment when it does what you tell it. Nirva
  9. Buy an oculus rift, it will solve all immersion problems instantly :thumbup:
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I have to wait until Tuesday for it to arrive. Quite excited as to how it will improve load times. :thumbup:
  11. Thanks, it was what I was hoping. I have the same one as yours coming to try things out, and if it is as good as I'm being told I will upgrade my main HDD to a big SSD as well.
  12. I have one arriving next week and am hoping it will speed things up a bit. Anyone got experience of this? Thanks for any feedback.:thumbup:
  13. Rotorhead11 account went funny. So this new one. I was confused, but to be fair it was 20 odd years ago I played DI's Tornado. I'm no jet jockey but for some reason I had GR3 in my head. But as you pointed out there was no such mark. Either way I would love to see one in DCS.:thumbup:
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