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  1. Hi Again Guys, Many thanks for your hints, especially the recommendation by chief! Installed the latest NIVIDIA driver and the problem is solved. I've got my DCS back again. Cheers, Tamas
  2. Hi, I have found a "crash file" there, perhaps it helps: # -------------- 20180626-154326 -------------- C:\Windows\system32\nvwgf2umx.dll # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at D7B09776 00:00000000 If you need the whole log-file please, indicate. Many thanks indeed for your help and attention. Tamas
  3. I would, but where can I find it on my computer? Please consider I'm not a computer expert only a "stupid user" both in sim and RW aviation. Anyway, many thanks for your quick reply. Tamas
  4. Hi Dear Guys, I've been away from my DCS sim for a while, and when I wanted to fly it again I downloaded the latest update (two days ago). When I click on "FLY" my mission, after a lengthy loading my DCS crashes to desktop. I have Nevada, Caucasus maps and the A-10 and Mi-8. Just wanted to purchase the Mi-8 oil campaign but it is suspended util I can fix my problem. Never encountered a problem like this before. Any help/advise/hint is much appreciated. Tamas
  5. Agreed 100%! Examples please dear volunteers! Anyway, thanks for your help, excellent community! Tamas
  6. Definately NO! I'm only a stupid user both in sim and RW aviation! :-) Tamas
  7. Many thanks for the lead feefifofum. I'll try to follow it. I realized that the root of my problem is that I do not really know what is behind the terms like "FLAG", "SPAWN", "ZONE", etc, even "TRIGGER" itself. Your explanation could help to understand. Cheers, tamas
  8. Many thanks indeed BaD! I will try it. Triggers might be easy but reading through the DCS manual...several times... well, I can not comprehend. Most probably it is my shortcoming. (At the same time I'm quite good to learn complex systems/aircraft/software, etc in RW aviation. A good, step by step tutorial would help a lot. Cheers, Tamas
  9. Thank you Alpha, that's what I wanted... and you are lucky!
  10. Hi All, I'm through 6 moths of learning, ups and downs with this incredible DCS 2.1.1. sim. Admittedly, I do not use it to fight battles but rather flying helis. There are two important things that I could not find out: 1. Can I set a specific heading (ME or MAP function?) when the aircraft is on the ramp, cold and dark? In strong wind conditions it would be necessary to turn the helicopter nose into the wind before startup. 2. I still can not set the internal cargo load, the slider is inop in 2.1. Is it a bug or I miss something? (Someone told me to use TRIGGERS to load cargo, but it
  11. Thank you captains, I know that is hydraulic, I read about artifical control load by springs, trim, etc. What I really asked is not engineering thing, just the subjective feeling of the controls by someone who has flown the Magnificient. Cheers, Tamas
  12. Hi Guys, Just courious: could a pilot with real MI-17 experience somehow describe the control forces on this heavy wonder? Is it heavy or rather a "fingertip" aircraft like the Bell Jet Ranger or AS350? Cheers , Tamas
  13. Hi Toby, Excellent work, just installed on my computer. My only problem that the red flashers are rather yellow/orange on my system. Your experience? Cheers, Tamas
  14. ... and finally let me correct myself. I refered to EGT in this thread which is wrong. Of course, it is PTIT! The values on the instruments tell the story (if you don't read the systems manual). They are too high for EGT for any turbine engine but just on spot for beeing power turbine inlet temp. Tamas
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