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  1. Don't worry ... he's probably the only one who didn't found that funny
  2. Release for all of us 2021 ... Release for you 2030
  3. I think your request should be transferred to DCS World 2.7 Wishlist
  4. I will raise my hand and say I don't care at all about the name they will give to the Copilot male/female/aliens/ name it.
  5. No official date so far... most people think it will be in december
  6. Sorry for that english, is not my first language so sometime it's not completely clear ... just to clarify for me the Backseater is the Pilot ... Frontseater Gunner, to keep it simple.
  7. CH-47 Chinook would be awesome ... especially if they update CA and the Warehouse system (inventory) to resupply fuel,ammo,etc. to bases/farps in MP.
  8. Well ... Backseater is the main Pilot and Frontseater is the Copilot/Gunner... So technically the main station will be the Backseater. In the Hind in MP you can't enter the frontseat (gunner) unless someone is already in the backseat (pilot). So I don't know if they plan to remove that restriction (I have some doubt) for the Apache... But in the Apache the Pilot can almost do everything the frontseater can do so that's a good thing at least.
  9. I'm pretty sure ground impacts effects are not related to a specific module. And for the FLIR is already a good thing that they are coming with something new for the Apache, don't expect everything to be like the "real thing" at launch ... My opinion
  10. No FCR at launch ... Will be implemented during his early access period
  11. I was thinking about buying a collective too ... but I will wait a bit to see if Virpil will come out with an Apache collective.... I hope they will
  12. Problem solved... Xbox controller for the TDAC on my side
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