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  1. Same here on 1920x1080 display using amd 2560x1440 virtual super resolution. With scale gui enabled and message font scale at 1.25
  2. I wonder about the Syria map as well, long time no news...
  3. new pics http://ugra-media.ru/2018/proekt-blizhnij-vostok/
  4. Hi, had the same issue after adding a corrupted sound file. The selection window did not show up until I renamed the sound file. Thomas
  5. Hi Mats at line A2ADispatcher:SetSquadronTakeoff( "1ST", AI_A2A_Dispatcher.Takeoff.Hot ) it should be A2ADispatcher:SetSquadronTakeoff( "1ST", AI_A2A_DISPATCHER.Takeoff.Hot )
  6. Did you look under the stucture category?
  7. Did you activate the 2D view? Do you see the other unit types?
  8. Had the same issue yesterday in MP, I was behind the carrier (less than 10nm), TCN and IlS were both setup and working, then all of sudden both went off.
  9. For the tacan distance to appear in the Hud, you have to select TCN on the HSI page, it's located on the upper left corner of the screen
  10. Little side question: Standby mode means I'm not emitting so I'm not visible on others rwr?
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