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  1. My Vkb gear came in quickly in September. Those were the items in stock etc.
  2. I read somewhere about an announcement towards the end of the year. Sounded interesting. I wish I could remember where the heck I read it.
  3. Swine


    They say restock on the 15th of September for the hotas but they still say out of stock. That’s why I’m asking if anyone has any info
  4. Swine


    Does anyone know why the webpage says restock on the 15th, however there is no way to order the hotas on the webpage. Please don’t respond unless you have checked out the webpage for ordering. It states restock on the 15th of September for the hotas and it still states that today. Just curious if someone has some updated info etc... Thanks
  5. Swine


    So how do you order one on these? Just wait until the restock and order that day? I guess no preorder.
  6. I’m in the same boat. Unfortunately I doubt there will be any modification. We’re just stuck with it.
  7. Thanks. I did just recently find out about mfg. I bought his rudder pedals years back. Incredible stuff. My concern is that I need to have it in a center stick with a long handle. That requires additional items like springs. I also heard that a long stick will prematurely wear out the gimbals on a thrustmaster since it has plastic gimbals. I had no idea it had plastic gimbals. Anyway thanks for the info.
  8. Hello all, I’m looking for a warthog extension for a warthog base. I was wondering if you guys could recommend some that are currently available for purchase. I have seen Sahajs but would like to know if there are some other options out there. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the review. I picked up a MKIII as well. It will be interesting to see how it compares to my Virpil stick. I’m just glad we have so much to choose from. I remember when it was CH and TM. I’m looking forward to the VKB throttle too as I’m sure everyone is.
  10. Well I was absolutely wrong. I think I somehow got the early kg12 mixed up as a metal grip. Regardless, my MK1 and KG12 are both plastic which is fine with me. I really think the lighter weight grips are better for center mount cockpit style setups. At least for me. I will start my medication again.
  11. I’ll find out tomorrow. I’m away from my house until then or maybe Sunday.
  12. Thanks for your service. My Dad flew F-4s at the same time. 67-68 in Vietnam - USAF
  13. With that being said I’m not saying metal is better. I like the light weight in a center stick with an extension. Heck, the real F-18 stick is made out of some kind of resin. Definitely not metal.
  14. I’ll check, I am almost certain I got one a long time ago when they first came out. I literally bought some of the first ones that came out. Maybe I’m losing my mind or something:)!!Anyway I’ll check and let you guys know. I’ll take some pics.
  15. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile with flight simming and am getting back into it. I’m checking out the current flight gear. About 4 years or so ago I purchased an all metal gunfighter pro with an extension and it just wound up sitting in my closet in a box. A beautiful piece of equipment period. Anyway I had some personal issues that just kept me from my hobbies for awhile. I’ve noticed that Vkb now has more iitems in stock which is nice but I can’t find any of the metal grips for sale. Did they stop building them? I figure that is the case. Man I hope not. It’s an awesome looking/
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