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  1. wow Thanks! worked right away. first time I have installed something other than approved mods by dcs. i really appreciate it.
  2. Hey guys. like the title says, Im trying to install the Edge 540 mod. I installed first in the dcs mods folder, nothing happened, went to the saced games dcs folder installed the mod folder there and nothing happened. do these mods only work for Open beta? i have the latest DCS but not the open beta. Thanks. JDW
  3. So I have a question. I didnt realize how true the words ALPHA were on dcs 2.0 lol. I bought the nevada map, the wwii map and assets and a couple of planes, Transferred all my steam stuff to 2.0 question is. Can I download 1.5 and use all my 2.0 stuff on it? can the nevada map work? or the wwii map and campaigns? what about the spitfire and bf109k? Currently working on getting a better video card to use 2.0 full time but my gtx 760 just cant hack 2.0 JDW
  4. Hey guys, Im not a particularly savy computer guy, I can get a round a bit but mostly just looking stuff up on the net. I have a windows 7 64bit Asus motherboard with 12 GB Ram an i7 running a 4ghz and a gtx 780 nvidia card. I just cant figure out how to run DCS 2.0 without any stutters. I either have to run a really low setting on the sim which looks like crap or run mid with stutters up to 4 seconds every 30 seconds to a minute. I dont want to do a whole bunch of mods to my pc without knowing what im really doing and Im not sure if some of the mods I have seen will work for 2.
  5. Mine is freezing on startup or mission editor. Every now and then I get an Apphangb1 dcs.exe. Im running an i7@3ghz 16Gb Ram with an Nvidia 780 JDW
  6. When i load the Mession editor wether it is Nevada terrain or WWIi terrain it wont load the map properly then it will shoot up the map properly then work for about 10 seconds then hang indefinitely. Just bought it and was supero excited to try it out. :( It also hangs on Instant Action. Gives me an ApphangB1 dcs.exe Error Hope it gets fixed soon. JDW
  7. Thank you very much for the info. JDW
  8. Hey Guys, So I downloaded DCS 2.0 downloaded everything pretty good except for one model. So Im trying to bind the Key to my DCS account but for the love of everything that is pure, the https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/licensing/ will not show up. Like it doesnt come it it just stays blank. IM using Youtube, on facebook, using google but that page will not open up. If my life depended on it id be dead. any idea whats up? JDW
  9. Ok, that clears some stuff up for me. I appreciate the info Guys. JDW
  10. Hey guys. I have been flying DCS on steam for a couple of years at least. I want to make the jump out of steam as there are more advantages to using the DCS page etc. so, I have several DLCS that I bought on steam but I also want to get into the Nevada training map and the WWII map. What should I download 1.5 or 2.0? im kind of confused about this. Also, will my steam keys work for the 2.0 maps? Thanks. JDW
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