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  1. I guess this bug is not resolved then:
  2. It's written in the manual and has been stated/repeated a million times on this forum: you can't mix loadout in the Mirage 2000C. It's Magics + one weapon type. So no mix of rockets and bombs, or mix of 530 and bombs, or mix of different bombs.
  3. Hi TrueGrit, any roadmap for 2021 to share with us for the Typhoon? Curious on how you're progressing with data gathering, 3d modelling, systems coding and what is planned for this year.
  4. I might add that the MEM/XFR behaviour around buffer memory is described in Razbam Manual, page 83: 10. MEM/CLR BUTTON. This will show the value recorded in the buffer memory (can be a channel or frequency). If keypad was used to enter frequency or channel, the button displays CLR option, used to delete the previous input. 12. XFR / VAL BUTTON. XFR (TRANSFER) allows to return to the previously used channel or frequency. Whenever a new channel is used or new manual frequency is entered and validated, the previous one is placed in the buffer memory. You can switch
  5. A nice comparison video (2 parts):
  6. I don't know how this knob works IRL. Elmo might be able to answer when he'll have a look at your post.
  7. Altitude selected is displayed in top right corner of the HUD with SELH selected.
  8. It might be linked a bug i've reported already, where whereas you're supposed to have 16 flares available by default, you can release only 14: Seems to have a core issue with flare qty
  9. Seems you're not in AG attack mode in your screenshot, if you were the VTB wouldn't look like that. That's a reason why diamond is not appearing. I agree with Rayak, looks like HUD is in test mode (Speed and Altitude in big fonts and not aligned with heading scale, gun cross appearing whereas it shouldn't with bombs selected and MAG/CAN master modes not selected...). Another reason why diamond is not appearing
  10. Thanks Elmo, and congrats for your child by the way.
  11. The 2000-9 isn't an upgrade of the 2000C. Let's have the M2000C finished first !
  12. That's because if you wish something hard enough, it can become reality :santa::santa::santa:
  13. Seems he is talking about the TDC cursor position that is displayed on the bottom left corner of the VTB. It shows relative position of the cursor from selected waypoint on VTB (selected via N switch of the VTB). You usually select the waypoint set for bullseye in order to have your TDC cursor position from Bullseye shown on VTB which helps for Air Interception communication with AWACS and other flights/package. You can also select Waypoint 00 to have TDC cursor position from you, which helps with BRAA calls. So basically, that's a main tool for Air interceptors like the Mirage.
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