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  1. well done ... some ideas for a personnal gift :)
  2. back from a 3 hours flights in VR the labels size are impec ... for the fight ... what to do more ...when we had shut down and burst all the trucks at Bayeux and all at Villers Bocage ?? the tanks can't be shut down bye the spitfire canon !!! anly the trauck can be. so two Spitfire in the air ... and no more to do ... BurningSkies server is a very good server for my weekly saturday flight ...Thanks
  3. I have a small config ( for VR ) and fly now over 45 fps all the time ( since the last DCS update of this week) even with the Epsom campaign ;) ) you need to adjust TOO ... your Graphic card control panel under windows then put your SS on 1.0 only to adjust graphics setup try SS on 1 AAA --> OFF but MSAA --> x2 no more flickering ;) you don't need VISUAL on ULTRA too ! check --> GRASS on OFF ;) adjust your setup to have a sokid 45 FPS ( 35 over CAEN ... ) Goods flights
  4. and with TWO sensors is it the same thing ?
  5. as a VR user ... only colored dots are enough :thumbup: the name plane and distance are too much in flight !! really :music_whistling: and for symbol --> a dot is better than a bar !
  6. idem ... no soucis with the brightness for me Oculus and Normandy Deferred shading is OFF too
  7. thanks ... I tried it to do ... but ; my mic bouton on Cougar Gaz is not seen by TS :( no soucis with VoiceAttack waiting to my next joystick MCG Pro ti map it directly on the stick ... will there be a special post for VERSION 2.5 Pro ?
  8. --> Most stuff is on medium/high settings with 2x MSAA (which is an fps penalty but necessary for VR). the same approach for me ... I don't want to play without MSAA x2 now. I 've made a lot of test this week ( on what I prefer to fly ) ... and MSAA is a good improvement for visual ; AAA et FXAA on OFF good flights
  9. excellent .... no more F10 menu before starting Up from 23 FPS to -> more than 45 constant ( VR setup ...) a BIG BRAVO
  10. +1 or to have the choice between standart and VR hangar ...
  11. the same for me on last saturday sudently FPS drop down to half of before ! I left the server ... re-connect ... FPS were fine again ;)
  12. flown the FW190 mission; started in the AIR how do you manage the radio ? my joystick bouton Comm menu ... does'nt work !!! in this mission the comm menu appeared ...but only when I was landing on ground . ( At Caen ...) nothing in the AIR ... not able to see the F10 menu ...
  13. +1 a good propostion ... but upgrade --> for all WWII aircraft so wait & see
  14. how is working --> reload radius ? why reduce it ? as I was thinking more will be better ! ! !
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