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  1. No, I meant what I said, which was TDC Down. Or TDC Depress if you prefer. Or TDC Action. All synonyms.
  2. Thanks for that, you are very helpful. One thing I noticed, watching your tracks versus what I was doing... I think that the only potential difference that I was doing, is that I left "designate" boxed in the EHSD. Could this have caused trouble? On one occurrence, I was frantically pressing TDC Depress to lock the MAV. I was at 7 NM and closing. It finally worked when I was at 3 NM, but I was just spamming TDC Depress. On future runs, I unboxed Designate in the EHSD and did not have that same issue.
  3. This is quite depressing and frustrating to read that Razbam can't deliver, even with something like 3 years after its release...
  4. Only thing you don't clearly mention is locking DMT versus locking the MAV. With the DMT locked onto a target, you still need to lock the MAV after you uncaged and selected it (boxed IMAV in HUD). That being said, even if you do, doesn't mean it'll work. I'm fairly certain the MAV is glitched. Using the proper sequence, I sometimes need to press TDC Action 18 times before the MAV locks. That last step seem to not be working all the time. And also, I'm not sure about this one, but I think that unlike bombs, the MAV needs that DESIGNATE is not boxed in your
  5. Well I'm doing exactly this and 9 times out of the ten, I reach the final step which is "locking the Maverick", but TDC depress doesn't work. It just doesn't do anything. In 20 attempts I shot one MAV and that's it and I don't even why that time it worked.
  6. Not sure which mission this is, but it is the one where you must take off empty from Batumi. There are fuel trucks preventing your wingmen from taxi'ing. When Batumi Tower finally moves the truck, the one in front of Nightmare 1-2 stays there. Therefore, Nightmare 1-2 never takes off. After that, you are asked to go scout where Norsemen is, with Nightmare 1-2 (you order 1-3 and 1-4 to head back to base). I flew to Norsemen (which is still at the same waypoint from the previous mission), and nothing triggered. Stayed above them until I was bingo fuel and had nothing. I wonder
  7. Operating the A-10 and understanding how to display stuff on MFDs, selecting SOIs, etc was more or less clear and easy for me. But, for the Harrier, I am never able to do what I want. So here are my questions: - When pushing the Sensor Select Switch in some direction, for example, to go to "TV", do I need to manually open up the DMT on a MFD and only then will it do something when I push "TV"? - Another problem I have, is that when I have the TPOD on my right MFD, with the TPOD selected as the SOI (and I can actually read TPOD DES on it). If I push, for example, Sensor Select
  8. Oh well, guess it was a coincidence that everything I read and watched on AAR mentioned using yaw instead of roll... That's good to know. Maybe, on top of what I have already asked, would you guys say that once you "kinda" master it with one airplane, it is easier to "master" it for the other ones?
  9. Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone has had experience with air refueling with cheap rudder pedals? I'm practicing air refueling with the F14, cause I really want to be able to do it (I actually want to be able to do it with most airplane, but I start with the F14). I have a good Virpil throttle and stick, but my rudders are cheap Thrustmaster TWS. I've had them for some years now, and while they are quite cool when you begin and have nothing else, I now realize they are very cheap and kinda suck (especially after some years of usage). There is so much play in the center that I had
  10. Yes, I did not confuse AFT with DOWN. Can't say why I needed 4 presses, but I can tell you what I was observing. In the TPOD MFD on my right and EHSD on the left, once I had pressed "DSGT" (might mess up some acronyms here), in the TPOD below your kind of recticle, you can read "MAP DES" (or something like that). After the first 2 presses on Sensor Select Down, it was indicating "HUD DES". And then 2 presses again, it was TPOD DES. Then I could move with TDC. What is weird, with everything else, is that in my final test I did and described br
  11. I am tempted to say it's probably me the problem, and this is not a bug, but I have a lot of troubles targeting something with the TPOD, since TDC Down on the TPOD often will just change Sensor. It can either switch to LST or TV. And I have no idea why, cause reading the manual and Chuck's guide, it really shouldn't, unless I don't get something? The sequence I was trying to achieve and that really didn't work for me was: - Fly to drop laser guided bombs - Activate Master Arm - Select GBU12 in stores - Set EHSD to left screen - Struggle to figure out how to
  12. I'm actually playing the Ottoman campaign and haven't seen neither of those (TACAN and ATC frequencies) in the briefing. Yet the briefings do require to use ATC, and obviously TACAN always helps to find the ship... Therefore, if nothing is mentioned in the briefing as to using "different than default" values, I assumed it was default values. Have you tried the campaign and/or was able to talk to the Tarawa?
  13. Probably a noob question, but I am coming back to DCS after some hiatus. I posted it in "Problems and Bugs" but nobody bothered to answer, so I figured I'd try in a non-bug related forum. So, first of all, I can't talk to Tarawa ATC. I read it's supposed to be default frequency 127.500. Tried it, using the proper Comm buton (have it set on my Comm1) and they don't reply. Also, is there a Tarawa TACAN? I've looked everywhere and can't find what it's supposed to be. Thanks
  14. Read the briefing and didn't see if the Tarawa was set to a different frequency. I believe default is 127.5, but it just doesn't answer. So, how am I supposed to contact ATC, even just to get the start-up clearance?
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