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  1. Mad_Max2


    A "special for joystick" 3-way keybind for Pitch AP. Similar to what was done for Roll AP.
  2. My understanding of this post is the Stennis will be included with the package in the future. Which would lead me to believe there will be two of them. The standard one and the full fidelity one.
  3. While we're on the topic of big labor intensive projects to throw on ED's plate how about we get some WWII carriers in the mix! No planes...I know. No maps (kinda)... I know. But hey.
  4. Mad_Max2


    Any way to re-color the hardpoints? Dug around the files a bit and cant seem to find the dds file. I'm assuming it's the "uh1_weapon" thats in the lua. Could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the reply! After some trial and error I ended up snagging someone else's "blank" roughmets like you said. Still would like to learn though so thanks for the link as well!
  6. I'm having trouble with roundels, decals, etc. showing through on my skins even though I've taken them off of my livery. Discovered that it was showing through from the roughmet layer. Really just a novice skinner so I typically don't mess with these and just use what is already in the lua that I copy over to my livery. I feel like this is skinning 101 type stuff here lol but I just never bothered to learn :doh:, so... Any advice about how to edit/ create my own roughmet file? I see there is a ROUGH and METAL section in the F-16 template psd files, do I use those perhaps? Any help wo
  7. Awesome! Thank you for the quick response!
  8. Does the day and night cycle affect the AI's ability to see the player or other AI units? Was looking at making some spec-ops, nighttime helo insertion type missions, but I wasn't sure how the AI would react at night so I figured I'd ask before I dive into making the missions.
  9. I'm really liking this jet. If your not a fan of flying as China or Pakistan just wait for the template to come out. I see this jet as being a good candidate for fictional scenarios in countries that don't fly it. For example Georgia purchases some, allowing a scenario to play out without being tied to a particular coalition. Might not be realistic, but it does add some options.
  10. Mad_Max2

    Key Bindings

    Noticed there is a 3-way abstraction for the autopilot roll switch but not the autopilot pitch switch. Would be awesome to bind that bad boy to my pinky switch. :thumbup:
  11. Thought so. Noticed the Viper does a few things differently than what I'm use to in the hog/hornet/harrier. Gonna take a little getting use to.
  12. Is there a way to slew the tgp without switching to ccrp? Does moving the tgp around mess with your waypoints?
  13. Idk about the B-52. I would be down for some medium bombers/attackers though. The A-20 their making the AI model for would actually be a good one that comes to mind. B-17 would also be cool.
  14. It's also worth noting that they are getting into some of the meatier systems in the Hornet. Some of which are brand new systems to DCS. With the way DCS operates, it's crucial to get these things right, as they will likely be the foundation that is built upon for the foreseeable future.
  15. Build a foundation of aviation knowledge. Generally the core aviation systems in any aircraft are going to have a lot of commonalities with each other. These are things like airspeed, altitude, attitude, and fuel indicators. It's just a matter of finding where and how these things are implemented in the aircraft you're trying to learn. Where are the radios? Gear and flaps? If you find and understand all the core aviation systems in the aircraft then you're just left with the aircraft specific systems to learn. This will take some reading or videos, or however you prefer to learn. The e
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