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  1. As I've ordered direct I'm extremely pleased with this decision, but I'd approve even if I was waiting for stock to arrive at Amazon. It shows that your company puts some thought into customer satisfaction, which should improve your long term reputation and viability. And we all want you to succeed, because of future products such as a throttle and pedals. And because you should get rich for making us fine things!
  2. Good news, but it'll be interesting to see what's in stock. I ordered a stick a couple of weeks ago (UK) and it's not yet been dispatched, so I assume you're still a little behind with those? A previous order for stands and WH extensions was sent within a couple of days and arrived about five after, so full marks there. Those are excellent products and I don't mind waiting a little longer if the stick is of similar quality, but it would be nice to have some idea of wait times?
  3. Completely removed the nvidia drivers - there's a utility for this but I can't remember the name - and installed an earlier version?
  4. Got all the processor power management turned off? And "prefer maximum performance" checked in the graphics board control panel?
  5. Your engine has died but the prop is still turning. Assuming you can still change it, how should the prop pitch be set?
  6. Can't remember the speed etc, but the K4 is the easiest of the tail-draggers to land for me. Just glide the thing in.
  7. Haven't fought the Spitfire, but in the strafe mission in the 190 training campaign I've had the flak just knock my engine out several times in a row. The engine doesn't seize, it just goes to tickover. It even seems to provide a tiny amount of power, making an off strip landing slightly easier than a total dead stick situation.
  8. I've found that landing is easier if I turn off the gun-sight. One less distraction I suppose.
  9. Got it! Just the once - lucky deflection shot - but that'll do for now.
  10. Found this, and thought some might find it interesting. I'm still fairly new, so apologies if I've posted it in the wrong forum. "During WWII, Allied bomber losses were high, so high that the British Air Ministry undertook a rigorous analysis in hopes of finding a solution. Their engineers set out to examine every bomber they could, gathering data on each bullet hole. After analyzing the results, engineers decided to reinforce the areas that had the highest concentrations of holes with armor plating. It didn’t work. Perplexed, the engineers assumed that the extra p
  11. Yeah, I've worked out the climb and speed thing. tbh I probably need to get a lot more bfm practice in before I attempt to fight, rather than getting overconfident just because I can generally make the thing go where I want it to and trim etc. Edit: I've just had a quick look to see how long it took WWII pilots to be regarded as proficient enough to fight. About two hundred hours, apparently. Depending on theatre and where you look. :/
  12. I have to ask... how do you beat the p-51? I can now take off and usually land the Dora (Yay! Only took three weeks of practice. About twenty hours :joystick:) so I've been celebrating with the instant action dogfight. The only thing I've come up with is running away, turning and trying to kill the thing head on, but without success.
  13. This. A few years ago I downloaded DCS and played about with it a few times but never got into it. But since VR I've purchased nearly every module and do weird stuff like read FW 190 climb performance charts.
  14. I've been funding my DCS/VR tech habit with crypto trading, so this news is kinda neutral for me.
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions. Both the DSD FLT and CUB systems look pretty good, but before I commit I'd better do some reading around the subject to make sure they're going to work with the minimum of hassle.
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