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  1. Faks

    Easy refueling

    I'm all up into the AAR rework, getting it more shiny and better. For me it is also hard atm.. but if you want a cheat, you can land and refuel on ground. Just mho.
  2. Faks

    wing flex

    For me, it looks very artificial, nothing like in Wag's video. The flex doesn't respond naturally to the aircraft movements. But... its WIP so who cares.
  3. Faks

    Carrier ops

    That looks like a harrier landing .....
  4. Very true. I like the golden, feels more immersive to me.
  5. Sorry if this was already reported, did not find it. So, yesterday I was looking the new stuff with a friend online and we couldn't see each other strobes, we both had it on, we tried with different flash patterns but I couldn't see his flashing and he couldn't see mine. Like if they were off.
  6. Great work guys, looks great!
  7. Oh, okay. Will try next time I get into the bird Thanks
  8. Interesting.. But I cant find that option anywhere. :cry:
  9. ^ this There are other things that should have priority over DL imo
  10. Yes please! The more missions the better!
  11. lol, will do... Im curious now
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