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  1. Had the same with the delays with ground crew calls confirming ground electric power and air source
  2. That sounds sexy!! Highly appreciated effort Sir
  3. It’s perfectly ok to do the PTID/PMDIG aircraft later - after the A-model :music_whistling:
  4. I doubt that - even the Mig-29A 9-12A isn't possible afaik even though it's the first export version and in service with several NATO countries. Imho we should not expect to see anything in DCS that is in russian Service - different versions do not seem to matter. Therefore i think even the base version Su-24 is not possible at the Moment. IIRC ED has stated somewhere - i think it was chizh in the russian forum - that specifically the Su-24 is not going to happen.
  5. It's a documentation Problem - afaik there is actually none available regarding japanese wwii fighter Aircraft.
  6. - JAS 39 Gripen Early A-Model - F-117A Nighthawk - Panavia Tornado Bold dreams: - B-52H - B-1B
  7. I would love ti see a B-52H or a B-1B and it I don't see myself in 8 to 12 h missions either but i with the maps we have a nice 3 hour bombing Mission in a nice threat envirement with guys in F-14's and F-18's flying CAP and excort - that would be amazing. But i suspect there a alot of hurdles to be overcome to get those birds as PFM/ASM-modules in DCS
  8. They'll make an exception for Tomcat Tuesday
  9. On that one I count on mvsgas expertise: Flight Model-wise the question is, will you have to alter the whole FM or would you be able to program that as some kind of external store like some underwing fuel tanks
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