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  1. Ive had FC3 for a long time, haven't installed or purchased any new modules in months. Last module I purchased was the F14 when it first came out.
  2. Same here, having the correct date and time had nothing to do with it.
  3. Haven't played in a while so I don't know whats causing this. EVERY time I launch the game I get a barrage of DLC REGISTRATION for all the modules I don't have, then I have to click "skip" on every.single.one of them. Oddly included in this list are the FC3 aircraft which I SHOULD HAVE. Any help would be appreciated, this is annoying.
  4. Is fine alignment required to drop bombs? I usually do course alignment just to get in the air in a reasonable amount of time. if so then that is what Im doing wrong.
  5. Im having this issue as well. Master arm on, AG mode selected, CCIP line is showing, tell jester to select MK82 bombs (only ord onboard) hud reads ORD press weapon release.. nothing.
  6. The only profile I can find uses the TARGET software, target software is hot garbage. Anyone have and willing to share their profile?
  7. Im not modifying any files directly, only changing settings in game.
  8. ok well moving it to idle didn't do anything, so that's why I started trying to map it in the first place. where can I download the profile for the warthog? ive already messed with mine a LOT and I would like to start over.
  9. I have the TM Warthog HOTAS and I noticed a odd bug (?) by default nothing was mapped to engine start (R CTRL/ALT+ HOME) so I decided to map the 2 fuel flow switches to it because that's what I use them for on the F18. Except I cant, in fact I cant map anything on the throttle to those functions (right or left).. you click the appropriate square to do so and it simply will not bring up the window to map a button.. ??
  10. I wasn’t holding the release button down.. *slaps forehead *
  11. I cant seem to get it to work, even when following step by step along with wags video on the subject. EXAMPLE: carrying 6 MK82 Snakeyes (3 racks, 2 on each) set fusing to nose, instant mode CCIP drag RET set QTY to 6 set MULT to 1 SET int to 100 ft confirm settings in MFD release weapon: 2 bombs drop, one from the center pylon, one from the right pylon and they drop at the same time (no interval) what am I doing wrong? this seems pretty straight forward but its just not happening.
  12. Hotas Warthog and TM pedals here, I couldent keep it down the center line on takeoff or landing for a million dollars. it handles like an RC plane.
  13. Im running a ryzen 7 3800X and a 2080TI on water. VR runs like trash on my Rift S, sever studdering even with the most meager settings. no other titles have issues.. just DCS
  14. I'm in the same boat, I have a Ryzen 3800X and a 2080TI and VR is garbage for me as well and I have been beating the bushes trying to figure out why. the "GO TO" video regarding VR was posted by Jabbers But that was two years ago and his most recent comment on the VR situation in DCS is " I stopped using VR cause the performance is atrocious, even at lower settings and i dont have time to do all the crazy tweaking everyone is doing now a-days just to get VR to work. So till there are some solid VR performance improvements that actually make a difference, I will be pla
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