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  1. Hey man! 52nd squadron is always welcome to accept new members, but because we actually approach with semi-realism and seriously, it takes some effort to get in our squadron. Flying seriously and "realistically" in DCS takes huge amount of time. Not just flying in DCS but also reading and learning stuff outside it. Due to this, we require our members to attend most of our events, which are every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Ofc they also need to keep educating themselves etc. So if you think you can put out 2,3 hours almost every day for DCS, you can check our website (just click on my s
  2. Thanks everyone for joining. Recruitment is now closed
  3. Hello guys, 52nd squadron is now recruiting new members. We fly mostly F-14 / 15 / 16 / 18 and the new JF-17. We have an ongoing campaign inside the squadron and many other missions. We also have, and actively use, our youtube and twitch channel, website, discord, teamspeak, skinns etc We have trainings 2 times per week (Tuesday and Thursday, usual start is between 19.00h and 20.00h UTC+1) and one mission / event on Sunday. We are very active and semi-serious / serious squadron. We take team-work and communication skills very seriously. If you want to join, you have to know several
  4. From 52nd Independent Knight Squadron Blue =52x=Mad Dog --> F-14 =52x=Banana --> F-14 =52x=Spanker --> F/A-18C =52x=Blitz --> F/A-18C
  5. Event: 4v4 Squadron Name: 52nd Independent Knights Squadron (Maverick, we are not Russians, we are EU ) Discord: https://discord.gg/TPKKgna Contact person Discord ID: =52x=Spanker Pilots: Croatia - =52x=Spanker Netherlands - =52x=Mad DOg Iran - =52x=Blitz Germany - =52x=Banana Lithuania - =52x=Inigo
  6. Welcome to call of duty in the skies ;)
  7. We are recruiting for 2 more days. Lots of people answered and thank you for that. Training plan is prepared and soon we will start :D
  8. Hello guys, 52nd is recruiting this week new guys. We have a detailed training plan that you go through when you join us. You get 3 packages. 1st you do probation --> basics, navigation, communication, basic formations and tactics for a2a and a2g, weapon types, radar system etc. After that you get 2nd package --> basic teamwork skills And then, if you managed to not get frustrated and leave the squadron, you proceed to advanced training. Ofc we don't do only training, we do missions and sometimes just loosed up flights to have fun. We do both PvE and PvP with A2G and A2A.
  9. As zhukov stated, a realistic mission is faaaaaar away from just "red type of aircrafts vs blue type of aircrafts". And some MP servers actually have this. On DDCS you will never see F-18 vs F-18 situation, unless it's a blue-on-blue. Realistic mission would require that all people who want to join the mission MUST go through briefing with ground commander who will assign them tasks. Also, jumping in on random time would be disabled, you would be able to jump into the server every for ex 45 minutes. If you miss it, you don't jump in. But for this you need people who have high enough knowledg
  10. Agreed, this was the first thing I noticed when I got into the cockpit for the 1st time. Exported MFDs are also bit too dark
  11. http://www.52knight.org We are EU based. We fly this as an actual simulator, not a CoD PC gameplay style. We have youtube channel, our 3 servers that are running 24/7, discord, TeamSpeak, SRS, twitch, website (link) etc.
  12. Also, I think it's time to get rid of this "Select role" MP thing. Make aircrafts "resourse based" just like the munition (yea yea we already have that). But make it also possible to pick any aircraft that is available, not only the ones you put there manually in ME. Also, make (I'm not sure if this is already a thing) it so that the aircraft supply (just like munition) on the airbase can be filled. It would be cool to have some factories places around the map that produce a certain number of units / aircrafts and then those are added to the closes airfield. This would give more fun to
  13. This would make mission creating much much easier. Please ED, put the option for ME to create a new mission with the template that please default SAM bases, military bases, FARPs and other ground units across the whole map.
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