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  1. This would be a great target to add to diversify Persian Gulf scenarios even further
  2. Doubt it BigNewy, check yourself XD
  3. My issue with the change is that the CLSID inside FA-18C.lua "LAU-115 - AIM-120C" was written over with this new change, instead of the change being added in the database as its own line, for example "LAU-115_LAU-127_AIM-9X". So now any user created aircraft that so happens to rely on the original CLSID for a single 120 is now unable to produce the desired result.
  4. In the last patch it seems that the single AMRAAM rail got replaced with a dual rack, but with only a single AMRAAM mounted. This seems like a very arbitrary, and counterproductive thing to change, makes the jet look really weird and seems totally unnecessary. It also breaks some mods that relied on that line of code to replicate single 120 rails. My vote is change it back, and fast.
  5. bennyboy9800

    Sound modding

    Hello, does anyone have an answer as to how, or where aircraft get assigned sound files to play? I'd like to add additional sounds to an aircraft mod I am working on but it is currently stuck with default FC3 sounds, a combination of F-15C and Su-25 sounds located in Sounds/effects I'd like to not have to replace them if at all possible, since that would effect these aircraft. The aircraft only seems to identify certain files placed inside it's Sounds folder, so if I wanted to make it sound like an FA-18, or F-16 I couldn't. Anyone know the logic behind this?
  6. Sweet! I will troubleshoot other mods causing the issue and see if I get the same result. EDIT: CONFIRMED!! Removing these two lines from the super hornet mod's entry lua fixes the issue as well! I have not seen the removal of them cause any issues with the mod itself, yet.
  7. I agree too, no one can expect devs to test everything, especially mods that are less available even for the community, let alone devs. I certainly hear that. I would hope that this forum topic could encourage both sides to support each other, to try to troubleshoot the issue.
  8. Creason the issue is that this has never been a problem until you released your F-14A. None of the modders have any idea what is causing it, because it doesn't affect any other module out there. It doesn't even affect the B for christ sake so why is the A so sensitive. Plus the fact that these affects are happening as a result of mods placed in savegames, which by nature isn't suppose to be changing core game files, and haven't had a single negative affect until now.;
  9. Golo your presence is useless here. The fact that you think you have the ultimate opinion, that, because you don't use mods - this problem doesn't exist, is essentially the proof in the pudding that you have no concept of this issue, so leave it to the people who do. Your participation here does nothing but gum up the process of problem solving.
  10. Literally every aircraft mod that uses default-game assets causes this.
  11. Yeah re install didn't work for me either. Seemingly the only solution for those who enjoy modded planes is removing them from savegames, but thats honestly a deal breaker for me. Id rather have them than this A. So other than that its gotta be on Heatblur to fix, and since they never affected the F-14B this shouldn't be too much to ask for. And the mods in question use hornet files, so I'm lost on how this could possibly affect a heatblur module so significantly...
  12. Okay copy that, I was seeing the same issue in the mission editor.
  13. Do you have similar mods located in savegames too? If so then your fix would probably be the best route.
  14. It has something to do with a private super hornet mod. Only crashes when the mod is installed, and I've noticed when it is going to crash the Heatblu F-14A 3d model is replaced by the old ED model. However this shouldn't be the mods fault, because these mods located in savegames haven't ever impacted other modules until now. dcs.log-20201118-181226.zip
  15. Happening to me too, however I fixed it when removing mods located in savegames/mods/aircrafts. This is odd because these mods have nothing to do with Heatblur F-14 files, as they are standalone aircraft mods
  16. No lol I'm definitely talking about this one.
  17. The community stopped paying interest in a mod that will never see the light of day.
  18. Could you explain how you were able to get the mod to work on the newest version of DCS by using a SFM?
  19. JSOWs get picked out of the sky like flies by SA-15s and SA-10s. Your point is incredibly invalid
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