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  1. My solution for the F16 speed brake is to use an "Advanced Command" in saiteks software. You set the command to hold shift b for 1.05 seconds, that is just enough to open the speed brake fully. See attached picture. https://imgur.com/gR1Wr0l
  2. Hi. You are not defining how big you screen is. lcd.begin(16, 2); in setup. I have two lcs, one 16,2 same as yours. but also one 20,4. I made a program for you, with a 16,2 display. It will always display "Pre:" on the first row and "UHF" on the second line, what you type in setup will be set once when the display starts. Play around with the numbers in lcd.setCursor(5, 1); and see what happens if you increase it. Hope this helps you.
  3. Yes. I did it 11 days ago. Seconds act a bit wierd after a cycle. There is more stuff in the code but you will find the clock in there. I can clean the code after work if you like. Just let me know.
  4. Been starting to draw a AoA and Caution light panel for the F14 that I will mount on the logitech switchpanels left side. Will print using my Creality CR10S
  5. I was looking in to that but quoting you, "Any output controls like LEDs or servos aren't supported." I use three gauges. I have no LED's yet, but I plan on making a warning panel in the future. As it is now, if I change aircraft I download a new .ino to the board. I've looked in the thread with a button for polling controls as well. As it is now I have everything on just one Arduino mega. I have a nano that I use for testing, plan on buying some MAX487 in the future and try Master/slave.
  6. My current test code for the Huey if anyone is interested.
  7. Playseat challenge? I'm working on a generic buttonbox. Right now it's a cardbord box for testing. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=236617
  8. Hi. I have a suggestion for new dcs-bios-arduino-library function. My DCS Bios Project thread. I'm an electrician but not a good c++ programmer. I just created a new post about my "budget box" i'm experimenting with now. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=236617 My problem: I've been coding and trying to make it so a button changes a value by adding 1 and use that button as an multi pos switch but I've been failing and just found out why. The testcode I was trying to run should as it is below not send anything to DCSBIOS, but it sends jibberish. // Counts number of button
  9. Sitting in my playseat challenge I had to use a cardboard box as a table for my mouse. I got the Ide to make a switchbox out of a cardboard box, just to get started. It's light, easy to move and stable. Some pictures. This gauge panel I made last year, Found a proper place to put it. Print is just a test, decided to have Vertical speed indicator, Slip indicator and fuel gauge. Easy to get in and out. Trying things. The state of the box today. Hardware: 1x Arduino Mega 2560. 4x ROTARY ENCODER 20P WITH SWITCH 8x 10KOHM POTENTIOMETER 4x ROTARY POS SWITCH 3x Adafr
  10. This will be my thread about me, my DCS experiences, setup and DCS Bios project. Yngwie84 is the name I use online, I'll send a support ticket to see if ED can change my username on the forum. Introduction below - My DCS BIOS project will be in the next post. I started playing DCS a few months after Viggen was released in 2017. I had zero flight sim experience before DCS but many hours in Elite Dangerous. For Elite Dangerous I had bought a Saitek X55 Hotas. The steep learning curve and the daily life made it so I never really got hooked. I enjoyed it when I had the time for it but alw
  11. I just use my mouse. I have no views bound. Also use tracking.
  12. I looked at this video by Spudknocker. He goes over what you need. Here is how you do speedbrake for left thumb switch. Also have this macro for air and ground power.
  13. Thank you! DCS Bios is an amazing to have and I really appreciate your work on it!
  14. Update: Have still not been able to solve the issue. Tried turning off antivirus and firewall. Socat is not working as it should for some reason :(
  15. Thank you, I did a complete reinstall of DCS and that fixed it.
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