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  1. Hello. So there's no more a way to give a module to a friend if we don't use it anymore ?
  2. Bonjour, Mise à part. Préférence entre le F18 et le F14 ? Je vois que vous avez les deux. Amitiés
  3. Hello, Is is a way back after trying DCS and VR ?
  4. I've missed the small red button usage. Thank you. All right now.
  5. Thank you. I'll try this evening.
  6. I switched off the two pumps and then the right LP if my memories are good.
  7. Hello, New user. I succeeded to shutdown the engine while on the parking but fail to restart using the same procedure as initial parking startup. Any idea please ? Regards
  8. the one with the digits. Is it because I've set no waypoint inside the INS ?
  9. Hello, Tried to follow the manual. Sorry but after INS and engine started, FBW test, the HSI is red striped Any idea to solve ? regards
  10. It's seem the 2000 is rarely discounted. Is it however sometimes ?
  11. Hello, Is there a best moment to buy M2000 to get a discount ? Regards Pep ?
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