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  1. Version 0.5.0 is out now. It features a completely new synthesis technique for the rotor effect, giving bigger shakes with a more organic feel. The configurable frequency mentioned above (v0.4.0) is no longer supported or needed. It also fixes several bugs that could cause audio distortion and clicks. Big thanks to @RabidRider for feedback and testing.
  2. Version 0.4.0 is now released. It features configurable frequency for the rotor effect. Some bass shakers can go lower than others, so if you have a personal earthquake machine (I'm jealous!) you can tune Shakersynth to take full advantage of it. https://github.com/jarpy/shakersynth/blob/main/README.md#configuration
  3. My pleasure! It's pretty esoteric, but I thought there would have to be at least one other person out there who could make use of it.
  4. I am honoured! Ain't that the truth? When I think about all the effects you support, on all those modules, I get dizzy. Ah, I thought it might! It's very dynamic and feels great.
  5. Nice. Enjoy your new rig! Let me know how it goes. The user experience of Shakersynth is not at all polished and I'd love to know if it gives you any trouble. I run it as a complement to SSA+SSSM. Shakersynth does the rotor, and SSA does the rest.
  6. Shakersynth If you fly helicopters in DCS and you have a bass shaker setup, you might be interested in Shakersynth. Shakersynth is a new experiment in driving bass shakers by using real-time audio synthesis. Right now, it just does rotor vibrations for the UH-1H and Mi-8. I really like how they turned out and thought other people might enjoy the effect. Get it on GitHub. Demo Videos Play these videos through your bass shaker(s) to feel the rotor effect at startup.
  7. This is most fun I've had in DCS multiplayer. A really good balance of relaxed flying and tense moments. Thanks for this outstanding work. I know you get a lot of requests, but I would really love to fix up the deadly "spawn on top of your buddy" locations. It would be just a treat if a two-ship rescue team could spawn, crank and lift together. Cheers.
  8. In the Mi-8, Soundmodule verbose logging is outputting messages like this: 20:59:18.385 Audio sample h_2_0_1_RB not foundAnd I can see that SSA is emitting UDP messages like this: h_2_0_1_LS~4~50 h_2_0_1_RS~4~50 h_2_0_1_LB~4~50 h_2_0_1_RB~4~10 h_2_0_1~0~0~0 h_2_0_1_LS~0~0~0 h_2_0_1_RS~0~0~0 h_2_0_1_LB~0~0~0 h_2_0_1_RB~0~0~0 Turning off "Main Rotor Whirl High" in SSA stops the messages (and a rumble effect this is working). Am I missing some samples? Thanks.
  9. I enjoy using the Oculus Touch controllers... or at least I did. The old style interaction that works like a laser pointer is quite nice to my taste. Unfortunately, it's now simultaneously active with the new direct interaction style. The new style constantly triggers aggressive haptic rumbles and creates spurious control changes. The damn thing nearly killed me by yanking the elevator trim into a steep dive at 1000f! ;) Does anyone know a way to disable the new style controls, or even just the haptic rumble?
  10. Cool. Thanks for the info, now I know it's "not me". Good luck with the fix, BST, this a great module.
  11. I haven't been able to create a user waypoint at all. I was starting to think it was bugged. I followed the manual, but can't get the coordinates to save.
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