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  1. Hi all my squadron ,Golden Crown, have many dedicated servers online but we need someone to create PVP and PVE missions for the servers for contacting you can send text to me at discord 1Pressure#2319 consider that i live in Iran ((GMT+0330)) and i will get in touch with you ASAP
  2. -= IRIAF =- 1Pressure GCI for the 33 side (( hope i can join the server this time i would rather test it some days before the event ))
  3. As its switched to cacusasausuussusuus now -= IRIAF =- 1Pressure F5 or GCI
  4. Is LOTATC available on the 51st dedicated server?
  5. not sure if we have exactly this one on our planes but the paint on 3-6049 https://ibb.co/j76aBw
  6. Talking to Maverick from 104th I heard that because of the bugs that we have in fog of war mode GCI in SATAL might be like game master who sees everything. Now that all teams will have LOTAC will it still be that way or fog of war mode would be working with no problem? By the way thanks Dart.
  7. Hi -= IRIAF =- 1Pressure Iran Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force - Virtual Team F5E please
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