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  1. I just hate the flimmering textures below 4x AA. 4x AA plus deferred shading is just a problem with my Titan Xp at 1980 mhz with pixel density at 1.4 to 1.5. 25%plus or better Performance with new GPUs should handle this.
  2. I will come back to DCS once a 1180ti or new gtx titan is released and or vulcan.
  3. Anyone heard about progress?
  4. I got the Pro too and the difference is pretty drastic if you can run supersampling130% or more. However I cant see using it in DCS as there is no way to run this 90 fps withou killing all details and the Vive has no ASW. iRacing and Skyrim VR are super awesome tho. For DCS I will stick to my Rift even tho it hurts...
  5. In my opionion the answer is a clear no for DCS world for just one reason: ASW or more the lack of it on Samsung Odyssey. You will never reach 90 FPS even on Titan V with Odyssey ASW is a must to keep a steady 45 fps and keep 90 fps head movement. Some people are fine with reprojection I cant stand it.
  6. no one knows more about it ?
  7. Mit der F18 haben Und den ganzen Videos haben Sie mich wieder komplett heiss gemacht. Entsorge gerade mein Obutto Revolution Cockpit und designe mir eins aus Alu Profilen, mfg crosswinds, warthog plus extension und jetseat plus button boxen von derek. Der Abstand zum throttle und Stick in VR hat nie gepasst, diesmal richtig...
  8. 130 + 180 = 310 also andere Seite. Er ist das Flugfeld ja erst angeflogen 130 Grad ist dann einmal drübergeflogen und dann von der anderen (entgegengesetzten) Richtung gelandet.
  9. So you play either Deferred shading off or you dont use MSAA (or have pixel count at 1.00) both is a no go for me as I have the better machine witha water cooled Titan X Pascal at 2000 mhz and 5k 8700k. May be I can use MSAA off on the Vive pro that has to be seen. Its subjective but I assume you dont have a rift.... I have booth and reprojection is quite crap in comparison to what ASW can do, even tho I prefer the real 90 fps to both. Edit: I find my comment might look offensive which is not meant to be. I just explore what is the best possible high end solution for DCS world now and in t
  10. As the Vive has no ASW the vive pro will not really work with dcs... I will get one but will have to use the rift. No way we get 90fps on the vive pro
  11. Cant start mission3: Need module for mission F-4E by Belsimtek. Great 2 first missions tho. Super immersive in VR in DCS 2.5.
  12. I really want the Pimax to succeeed but without Asynchronous Spacewarp, DCS already struggles to achieve 90 fps on high end rigs in the current gen. No way it will run anywhere playable with the Pimax.
  13. I just hope they have this on their list when they move to Vulkan API.
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