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  1. Ok. I did some reworking of the S-Curve last night after I made my post. And things got a lot better.
  2. Ok, maybe I missed something about that then.
  3. Hi all, Hope you can help. I'm having trim problems where the plane in general and the F-14 specifically rolls on it's own and I constantly have to re-trim. I'm posting a vid from my youtube channel as an example. I know I'm drifting left on the runway and I haven't found the right number for that yet either. But the current ones are: DZ: 7 S-curve: 14 NO boxes are checked. I'm looking for my peddles (came as a box set 3 pc.) to feel stiffer. But, back to my original Q: How do I set the FF Tune? What are good base numbers? Thanks guys :) ${1}
  4. I DL'd the TM T16000m Stick profile mod and can't seem to find where to put it. What would be the correct file path plz. Thx, Strike Out!
  5. I've seen several people looking for a squadron... Would anyone like to join me in creating one?
  6. I'm just trying to do a simple mission to help train myself on the P-51. And 3 problems came up: Setting the plane on the field (static inc.) Setting in more than one unit of the same type individualy. Starting the scenario on the ground, with engine off. If there are vids for this, that would be a great help. Thx Strike Out!
  7. I don't need no stinkin' GPS! Hell, I thought a map, compass, and protractor WAS GPS!
  8. Very nice sir. Did you tweek your axis settings at all? Or, straight out of the box?
  9. Good posting guys. I'm at the same stage as well. Though I didn't get the A-10C yet. So, I'm using the F-15. I've made a post in the guides section looking for help as well.
  10. Hi guys, I just recently got the full TM T16000m FCS and am currently trying to set up for: F-15C Mig-29 (does there need to be 3 seperate ones?) A-10C (for Later) F-14 (for later) I have never flown in this game b4 because I didn't have a good stick (But, I have and do fly in other sims.). I do know how to set up the stick just looking to NOT make the more common errors. And to get a better understanding for fine tuning the axis controls. Thanks for all your help guys.
  11. I would like to join, but I'm still setting up and learning my F-15 & T16000m FCS stuff. Hope there will be more in the future.
  12. Guys, I'm looking for any you tube videos or guides for setting up and calibrating my controls (all 3 in this package) to fly these 2 planes. Thanks in advance for all your help.
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