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  1. Thanks for posting the mission editor guide, but I already created a variety of missions using different weather customized in the mission editor and no joy on the cloud textures... everything appears as white featureless cotton balls. If there are other settings which might impact how the clouds are drawn that would be good to know, but setting clouds on Ultra or lower didn't have an impact.
  2. There is another thread in the VR bugs section making the same observation. I fly in VR and updated and didn't see any improvement in the cloud rendering even with it set to ultra. I'm running a reverb G2 with a 2080ti. Frame rates are good and the sim runs smoothly in 2.7, but the clouds are just white and featureless. After all the amazing videos posted I have to think that something is missing with the patch. Hopefully someone back at the mothership can identify the issue and get a fix out soon. Disappointing with the delays, but I know the team wants this to live up to what was adver
  3. I just ran a repair to see if perhaps textures didn't load or something, but I have the same issue in VR. I'm running a reverb G2 and set the clouds to ultra and no difference, the sky looks like featureless white puff balls. I suspect they haven't gotten around to optimizing the clouds for VR yet, but as it stands 2.7 sadly doesn't rate as an improvement when it comes to the VR experience. I tried running a variety of scenarios and different presets in custom missions and the results were consistent... white, featureless puff balls. On the plus side frame rates appear solid, but the appea
  4. There have been quite a few posts in recent years discussing the differences in utility between TrackIR and VR headsets for spotting aircraft coming from behind. In the current state of implementation TrackIR users are capable of performing a Linda Blair maneuver to turn their view a complete 180 degrees to the rear to see what is happening on their six. The ability to do this is unimpeded by any physics such as the number of g’s being pulled while changing views. For VR users sitting in a stationary chair that can’t swivel, the ability to look rearward is limited by how far you can turn yo
  5. Rift S audio issues Since the new update I’ve had two crashes and lost sound through the headphones. I usually run both speakers and the headset, with comms through the headset. Now I get no radio transmissions whether the headset is selected or not.
  6. Hi, With the update issued today (4/16/2020) the ability to use headphones to hear radio comms no longer functions. Prior to the update I was able to have my main audio sounds (engines, guns, missiles, etc.) come out of my external speakers while setting the secondary output to my Rift S headphones. This worked fine prior to the update and now no longer functions. Switching to the Rift S headphones output for voice comms results in no sounds coming out of the Rift S headphones. Not sure what happened, but it would be nice to have it working again!
  7. That did the trick! The only very minor issue is that the squelch noise and confirmation tones come out the speakers. Glad to be up and running. For VR Viacom pro is essential! Thanks for the great support.
  8. I did the lua reset and restarted. Still no audible reply to commands in DCS. This is true even when using the “\” command. DCS responds to commands but the audio replies are gone.
  9. The on and off dialog issue disappeared with the update. For me the redirect is still reversed... setting to speakers in redirect goes to the rift s and setting to rift s goes to external speakers. I can give voice commands, but get no audible response from ground crew, or ATC, or anything for that matter. Ran a repair before the Viacom update and no more hangs at launch, but no idea how to fix the no audible response issue. Not running any addons.
  10. I understand some of these bugs have already been reported. Here is what I have encountered so far with 2.5.6: 1) DCS hangs at 10% during loading. Temporarily resolved by running a repair. However, after running last night the program hung at 10% again today. 2) Outputs incorrect in voice attack/vaicom pro. Redirect function now reversed in vaicom pro. When setting to Rift-S headset audo comes from speakers, when set to speakers the sound comes from Rift-S headset. Also, voice attack reported communication terminal error with DCS. Upon loading a DCS mission it worked momentarily t
  11. Same issue for me with Warthog HOTAS
  12. I purchased mine from widmovr, great customer service and the lenses were a great improvement to the vr experience.
  13. VIACOM not responding when identifiers used in call Hi, I'm just getting sorted on how to use VIACOM. I thought I had read in the manual that you could use normal pilot speak and the program would pick out the key command. However, when I transmit something like, "Texaco, Enfield 11, approaching for refuel" I get no message received "beep" and it is not recognized. However, if I just say the command alone, "approaching for refuel" VIACOM responds appropriately. I thought perhaps there might be some menu option addressing this, but I can't find anything. Any words of advice would be
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