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  1. Played around with it last night, first landing was abysmal crash died flipped, with 1500kg fuel it was struggle trying to maintain 260km/h the nose kept rocking up and down on approach which easily can compound into oscillations. My later half experience with the new flight model, I managed two landings and the sweet spot was 280km/h and it seems the throttle is really twitchy around the 80-90 percent range were it will climb that 10percent with little throttle movement, the flipside the RD-33s are extremely powerful and that little movement can easily bring the speed back up. Also noticed yo
  2. I Fired the 29 up last night and had a lot of issues with key commands and keyboard keys being highlighted even though no other keys were in use and then joystick issues. What I noticed was a few of the quickstart missions seemed to have the issues for whatever reason, the keys and bindings not working. I ended up making a mission and viola all the keys worked correct and hotas worked perfectly to my old, prior to PFM update bindings again. Just to test it further I started the over the hump campaign and all my personal key bindings worked fine. So not sure if it is certain mission that have
  3. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out, I am in a bit of a mess. I literally have all of the DCS modules except for one and some of the campaigns, these are split between DCS store & Steam I prefer the steam DCS as it tracks time stats & I can upload screenshots to my steam profile. Currently I have all of my modules even from Dcs store under my steam DCS at the bottom portion of the screen. Yesterday I bought the harrier on steam 50% off sale it then said it downloaded but did not show up at the bottom of the main menu, so I tried the DCS updater utility to n
  4. What I find Crazy, if the Phoenix was 88 Percent Accurate/Effective why was it not continued, as far as I know the F15 could carry it on the Belly station (at least tested on in one picture) and possibly on the wing Drop tanks stations so if correct that's either 1 phoenix or 3 Pheonix. I get this is not practical in all situations. Would the phoenix if continued to be developed not have a place in 21st century air war?? Aim 54 testing phases seem like it was very effective from a Air Supremacy stand point, break into enemy airspace and lob a few of these. Anyone know the testing phase for t
  5. Had the same issue, a little fix around this is to load up the first mission in the mission editor and change the Ka50 start position to take off on runway, this fixes the ka 50 and plane stuck together. If the mission wont load in the mission editor change the name of it. Vergeev_001 change it to Vergeev_0001 and then delete Vergeev_001 and rename 0001 to 001 that's how I have been able to play through the campaign on 2.5
  6. Flying the Su-27, against F-15's & F-16's is 50/50 for me cause of that Aim-120, have you ever heard of the term think outside the box. (I.E if flying your waypoint during a campaign mission and typically if you hit waypoint 4 and Awacs calls out targets, instead of maintaining your waypoint and starting an engagement from there, I typically will do a hard cut left or right tell wingman at this time to engage bandits if your a 2 ship or 4, four is better. At this time If the enemies are lets say a bearing from you of 90Degrees I will typically get very low and do a long turn from zero deg
  7. wow no kidding, I'll have to give that a shot, thanks for the heads up.
  8. Sounds good to me. On a side note I personally think the RCAF low visibility Camo scheme is one of the best looks for a hornet. and the Faux canopy painted under the nose is tactically awesome.
  9. Just wanted to show my excitement for the F/A 18C just pre ordered it last week of January. This is Marine Corp F/A 18D VMFA 242 RED DEVILS 1/32 scale Academy kit. This is on my Washing Machine it is loaded with 2 sidewinders, 1xAGM 65,AGM 88 on the other wing is GBU 32 JDAM & an AGM 84 Harpoon. The Belly has one Aim 120 & Flir Pod. The centerline drop tank says Mors Ex Tenebris (Translates Death from Darkness). More photos soon. The other two photo's are from September 2016 at London Ontario air show Cf188. RCAF which I believe are heavily modified F/A 18A varia
  10. Took me 15 minutes of staring at the pic, I finally zoomed it in and noticed the 80509 on the radio call in.
  11. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of it.
  12. Hey Little back story, this bad dawg was parked at the London, Ontario Airport September 2016, the canopy was open and the Yanks were kind enough to let the Cannucks climb up and take some pics. This F-15 had the JZ from the Louisiana Air national Guard (I Think) anyway when I climbed up the ladder I snapped a few photos of the pit and noticed the right side of the cockpit had a more advanced avionics panel then the DCS F-15 just wondering if anyone knew what this panel would include, ( I assume some engine gauge info as it is in the same spot as the engine temp, rpm etc) Also, I as
  13. Just wanted to show my appreciation for DCS, been absolutely in love with DCS since Black Shark in summer 2010. As such I have also been into making Model kits, I am by no means a professional but wanted to show how much I love DCS. This is the Kinetic 1/48 Su 33, hand painted with Enamels as close as I could get to a Russian Navy Camo.
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