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  1. After weeks of enjoying the herc, I'm getting a CTD now. I hadnt changed anything, wanted to fly a mission that once worked for me. On mission start, as soon as I can see the cockpit, DCS crashes. At first I thought an update to the newest version of the hercules might help, but that wasn't the case. I'm a Steam user, the steam-option in the menu is enabled. Anyone else having that problem?
  2. Y'all are showing really nice new liveries, I hope they'll be available to download sometime
  3. I know, thats why I posted it Even wrote sth, dunno where that went.
  4. Thanks for that great mod! Gonna place that Prowler in all of my carrier missions...
  5. Hey folks, there are a lot of nice skins for the MiG-23. However, many of them appear to be broken. Is there a way to fix them or do we have to wait if the authors do this?
  6. After the latest update, DCS somehow does not recognize the formation in which the player and the AI wingman started the mission. For example, if I set up a close group formation via mission editor at mission start, the radio menu doesnt allow me to command my wingman to open formation. I therefore have to tell him to close formation and then to open it again.
  7. I did. Something else was the probem: I forgot to delete an older version of the mod. As soon as I got rid of that one, it worked like a charm. So great! One thing I really wish for is some more camo liveries. I'd love to see one of those (I know, not a J model, but still...)
  8. Got the latest version of the Hercules - great work, love that massive bird. However I can't get the paratroopers to show up in the loadout menu. In a grim reapers video, they use the rearm menu and select the paratroopers as a "pod" - however they dont seem to be there. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  9. Since I somehow associated the Black Lions mostly with the Super Tomcat, I wasn much into them. But right now I stumbled across that F-14A CAG bird from 1995 - holy cow (lion?), what a beauty!
  10. Usually I'm not into fictional skins. But they're awesome.
  11. As I'm diving into a early-80s-scenario for the Syrian/Lebanon map: A VF-11 red rippers skin from that era would be perfect to accompany the wonderful Tomcatters livery
  12. Oh, that looks gorgeous, you're the man. Cant wait to replicate that famous picture of the inverted formation - not the one with the black F-5, the real one
  13. One thing I'd really wish for is some nice, old school "flying pencil" liveries for VF-31...
  14. I already wrote than on FB and Instagram, but I really do love that skin pack.
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