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  1. Its AI, part of the "Military Aircraft Mod". But it looks beautiful, with folding wings and it launches and recovers from the carrier.
  2. Yeah, folded wings on the deck would be so great! (are those Intruders flying units or why are their wings folded?) And thanks to the creators
  3. Thanks! That rainbow looks really nice, too, I think that came after the timeframe I'm trying to depict - desert storm, I think. Maybe a next project
  4. A really cool thing is that that velcro sometimes was even used as a squadron symbol. Some skinmakers have already incorporated that, for example the black aces just cut out a black velcro ace symbol and put it on their helmets. Anyway, I've moved on to my next project. Its the 1988/89 VF-1 CAG bird. I call that one "Rudolph" (the grey-nosed Tomcat), for obvious reasons. Does anyone have informations why the radome and parts of the Phoenix pallets had been changed? Also, if you have material on how the inner sides of the vertical fins looked like (Tail code?), please le
  5. Hey there, I present to you my first F-14 livery. It's a VF-213 Black Lions Tomcat from 1984. Thanks to Reflected Simulations for allowing me to use one of his excellent skins as a base for that one. Serial number and crew names should be correct, according to my sources (cruise book, pics and an orbituary). However I was uncertain about the RIO's callsign, so if you find out something, just let me know. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/3315335/ I put quite a bit of work into the metal flake finish helmets - only to find out they ha
  6. Allright, after all your helmet related feedback, I dug into that subject a bit. Since I did a 1984 bird (serial number, tail code, crew names...), that metal flake helmet wasnt really used anymore. Since quite a bit of work went into that APH-6D-ish helmet and I love the look of it, I'm gonna include that in the download as well. For everyone who wants the correct helmet, I did a taped version as well, based on the 1984 cruise book.
  7. Really cool! Do you know in what timeframe that paint scheme was used?
  8. Nice. I might even try to do something with the helmets roughmet to replicate those metal flakes.
  9. That 105 mod looks so beautiful! Ive only flown it once so far and got some questions: - Is there a way to change the cockpit to the A-10 one? I'd prefer that one for A/G. - Is there a way to fire the Shrike missile? at least with the Flanker pit, it kinda doesnt work. - So far, I only managed to drop all Mk82s at once. I remember from my FC3 days that I could change that in the A-10. However, I dont know how to change the ripple/qty settings in the Flanker.
  10. @Gunslinger22: Oh, what a bummer. But that cat really looks good!
  11. Thanks for the hint, I'll check out if that works.
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