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  1. Thanks... I just spotted that you can now do that and it's much better!
  2. I've just started using Vaicom again but I'm having CTD issues. The voiceattack app just crashes when I execute a command. Not all the time but enough to ruin my mission! Any ideas? Domestos
  3. I'm starting as a new thread although I replied to an earlier one which might not get read.... Using an FFB stick If your elevator trim is not dead center you can't engage Alt Hold. If you trim for level at normal flying speeds (250-420 KNOTS-ish) your trim will be off centre. Added to the new requirement to be at +- 200fpm it's basically impossible to use at the moment. Is that fixable? It's not fixed by choosing FFB stick trimming in the special options like it was before. Also it works lovely in the Viggen. Domestos
  4. Whilst on the subject of FFB.... If your elevator trim is not dead center you can't engage Alt Hold. Added to the new requirement to be at +- 200fpm it's basically impossible at the moment. Is that fixable? Domestos
  5. Unfortunately I can't get this to work with an MS FFB stick. Even if I get stable at +/- 200fpm it mostly won't engage. I'm in FFB Trim mode in the special options. Domestos
  6. I have an I-5 4690K @4.8Ghz and a 1060OC 6Gb. Do you think I'd be OK? And what are the pro's and con's of wireless over wired? My Wifi is pretty reasonable I think. I'm thinking of selling a Banjo to raise some cash... ! Thanks Domestos
  7. Sorry, can you explain, I'm stuck motionless here too... Thanks
  8. I enjoyed the mission in my F-5! I had no idea what was happening outside my Jet but with the help of GCI managed to get some satisfying kills. It's true, teamwork is the key. Shame it's so hard to get everyone on board. The mission concept was great!
  9. Having seen their lighter models from FSX etc. I do believe they've bitten off more than they can chew. Their artworks are really good but the sytems are beyond them and they are now hiding behind bluster and disinformation. This does not bode well for the F-15 in my opinion. I don't think they set out to scam anyone intentionally. I'd like to see the F-15 taken off them if that were a thing and wait till someone who knows what they are doing shows up. I've written off the Harrier.
  10. As a miserable old git I feel I should point out that in a lot of MP servers the A-10C is a bit vulnerable unless you have a buddy in another A/A fighter to cover you. But it's the original and everything works really well, can carry practically everything and looks fantastic. The HOTAS is a work of art!
  11. I read something somewhere about running a Dedi server and client on the same machine but on different cores. How do I make the server run on a different core to the client and is there any point in doing so? Thanks in advance!!! Domestos
  12. Can you bomb runways? I another sim, you can disable a runway using Durandal's or similar. Can you disable a runway in DCS? I thought they couldn't be deaded. Domestos. P.S. I'm loving the server. I understand the missions and when there's a GCI it's great fun! I 'liberated' a M2000 last night and took off without remembering to align my INS, thanks to the GCI who vectored me back home as I was out of range of the VOR's etc by the time I realised DOH!!!
  13. Hi 1: Today, now, can you ripple off 4 Jdam using the TGP to designate 4 targets? 2: How? 3: has it changed recently? Thanks
  14. Great stuff! Being a whingeing Pom, will it be put up as a recording afterwards in case I fall over drunk at 11:36?
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