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  1. Update... I got back to trying to see if there was a way to make it not crash, and I found threads on setting processor affinity (a couple of which specifically mention this same stack), so I gave it a try. No more crashes! I'll run for a few more days and see if I stay crash-free and report.
  2. Did tweaking the Affinity Mask fix the crash-on-second-launch issue? I have the same issue (on the same motherboard, which is kind of suspicious). I know ED is working on this one, but if there's a workaround, that would be nice to discover.
  3. One more interesting (to me) data point: if I "Uninstall" all audio devices, I can exit missions, restart the app, etc., with apparently no issues/crashes. Of course Windows doesn't like devices to be in the uninstalled state, so it helpfully reinstalls them when I reboot (which is kind of okay, since I like sound to work, generally). There sure seems to be some weird interaction between DCS and the Realtek audio drivers. FYI.
  4. Interesting... mine crashes there rather than failing to (re-)start the music (I put logs into another thread). I wonder if it's related.
  5. By the way, I suspect the device identifiers are odd because the current drivers are directly from Realtek (their latest), rather than the ones from Asus where they often customize such things. The previous drivers (from Asus) showed exactly the same crash.
  6. It's the on-board Asus ROG V 10th Anniversary edition sound. Realtek makes the drivers, which I've tried updates for (no difference among versions). Pretty standard stuff -- there's a digital out and an analog out (I use the latter). No sound issues anywhere else (I've had the system about eight months now). The NVidia cards have HD audio, but I disabled that thinking it might be confusing DCS. Hope that helps!
  7. Crashes with Debug ed_sound.dll Attached are logs from a debug version of ed_sound.dll Cheers! Logs.zip
  8. Ran with cleanup and then repair, and it ran once and crashed on mission exit (same crash). Then it wouldn't launch again. The error is intermittent. I can't pin down what "resets" it to get it work (launch) again. Even blowing away save games doesn't help every time. I agree it's weird. I've run several stability (CPU & memory) tests and they all pass with flying colors. I also do 3D rendering on this system using VRay (the longest ran something like 35 hours), pinning all CPUs at 100% for the entire time with no issues and using lots of RAM. All other games are happy as clams, includi
  9. I get a dialog on the clean command that says "Unknown command: clean" The repair works fine (from the bin directory). Here's a new log set. I rebooted, started with no DCS.openalpha directory, successfully launched, logged in, exited, then tried to re-launch and it dies as in these logs... Thanks! ... also, for what it's worth, I never had trouble launching before the 2.1 update, and 1.5.6 works fine all the time. I did have the intermittent crash-on-mission-end on 2.0.x, which I still have when I can manage to launch 2.1 Update: I did run clean from the DCS Updater Utility, f
  10. I've used the updater; I'm on the very latest NVidia drivers (WHQL); I updated my Realtek sound drivers to the latest version as well. The crashes still occur... the worst is that now the game just won't get past the splash screen. I've also zapped my Saved Games folder more times that I can count. Sometimes that let's me launch the game, sometimes (now) no. Logs attached... Thanks for any help! Logs.zip
  11. Same issue, but after I log in after the reinstall, exit, then launch the game again it just crashes with an issue in ed_sound (posted in another thread where someone else is having the same issue). Can't really do anything with the current update, and I've spent a couple of days trying.
  12. I'm getting the same type of crash at the same spot (SND_del_wave_path). I zapped everything and reinstalled all of 2.1 (took all day). Same issue... any help would be greatly appreciated... A bit more info: sometimes the game gets past the splash & loading progress, but most times it does not. Here's the tail of a log when it crashes: 00016.513 INFO EDCORE: try to write dump information 00016.514 INFO EDCORE: # -------------- 20170528-165617 -------------- 00016.514 INFO EDCORE: 00016.514 INFO EDCORE: # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00000000 00:00000000 00016.516 I
  13. Installed 2.1 and it didn't show the two Normandy things available, though the game did launch to the main start screen. So I then did the update trick to force it to install Normandy and the WWII assets. On first launch after that it asked me for a serial number for the assets, so I entered it. The launch screen showed up with a spinner... turns out it was waiting for the second serial number, but nothing I did would put that window on top of the full-screen splash screen for DCS. So I killed DCS. The second serial number window was still there (for the Normandy map), so I entered it there. T
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