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  1. I have the 200mm extension and use the long Monstertech deskmount. The long throw with the 200mm gives you more preciscion. Also the long mount gives you the option to mount the stick base below the seat and have a cutout in the seat between your legs so you can move the stick closer to you. Using 2x40 springs the feel is really good. No need to setup curves if you have the 200mm.
  2. He he.. I guess I can forget about the warranty after posting those pics[emoji6] It was just an idea I had that I wanted to try out. Thanks for the compliments, but I'm no engineer or anything, so it might very well break down anytime. I just put in an order for another Gunfighter, to make sure I have something in case it does.. Also I need something to fly the fixed wings with. I'm well aware though of the high torque involved with the long throw. Actually, I removed both the springs and the cams. There shouldn't be any stress on the gimbal mechanism now, I figure. It's only the dampene
  3. Hi there, I'm using two 200mm extensions for my cyclic mod. Works just fine for helicopters. But without the added dampeners, the resistance in the springs are quite soft, even with 2x40 springs. Sent fra min G8441 via Tapatalk
  4. I bought the x56 right after it's release a few years back. Was plagued with ghost presses for a long time. Tried several solutions, but nothing worked. What finally fixed it for me was connecting the x56 throttle to a cheap external powered usb 2.0 hub, with no other devices connected to the same hub, and then connecting the hub to a usb 2.0 port on the MB and leaving the other port on the same usb lane on the MB free/unconnected. After I did that I never had a single ghost press ever again. Maybe you already tried that or it doesn't work fo you for some reason. Best of luck anyways
  5. Ok, thanks. Sent fra min G8441 via Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for the quick update. Did a test with the Gazelle now on the latest beta. The rotor effects are back and the damage bug is finally gone. But I get no effect from ETL now. If I remember correctly, it was there earlier, but maybe a bit late in relation to the real ETL.
  7. Hi. A few days ago after one of the beta hotfixes, the main rotor whirl effect on the Gazelle disappeared. Now there's no rotor effect no matter the settings in simshaker. Another long standing issue with the Gazelle is a constant effect on the failure and damage setting, even if there's no damage. Sent fra min G8441 via Tapatalk
  8. Where I live there hasn't been much sun yet, so I guess I'll better bring a high factor sunscreen! And sunglasses, ofcourse. And an umbrella, just in case. We've got enclosure tickets for both days. Viewing garden on friday and Pimms on sunday. Bringing my 5 yo son, so I thought it would be good to have a place to sit down. It'll limit how much we can move around, having him along. But we've got two days there, so I hope I'll get to see the static display too. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated! Sent fra min D6503 via Tapatalk
  9. Roger that. I've got an hotel nearby and I'll start out early to avoid the worst traffic. Good tip about letting it clear up a bit before leaving. Thanks! Sent fra min D6503 via Tapatalk
  10. I'm coming from Norway to visit the RIAT friday and sunday. First time at an UK airshow for me. Really looking forward to it. Got any good tips? Sent fra min D6503 via Tapatalk
  11. In the first mission there's a Humwee parked on top of a hangar at Kobuleti.
  12. Just buy it from the Russian site. I did that and had it on my desk in less than week. Sent fra min D6503 via Tapatalk
  13. I struggled with the same thing. That software is not particularly user friendly, but it has a lot of options.
  14. Check your X and Y axis numbers there. You have set both buttons to the same axes. Compare your settings to the image in bearfoot's post. Sent fra min D6503 via Tapatalk
  15. So the promise of a 2.5 release was only to beta testers? If I read this correctly, those that run 1.5.8 stable and/or 2.2 still have to wait a few more weeks for the update. Sent fra min D6503 via Tapatalk
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