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  1. :) Good I used Google Translate thru phone's camera, it reads text from pictures. Probably you can add that picture to archive "EasyJoyRegister", for others to see.
  2. Okay, I made myself a picture with english translations for Registration Tool. I hope labels are right.
  3. Thank you for this. Would be good to have translations to registration utility too (maybe just picture with buttons descriptions). Thank You.
  4. Dear FoxHound, could you please give translations to buttons labels in registration utility? No need to translate program code, just maybe give picture (screenshot) with english explanations of buttons? :) Thank You.
  5. "Xinput" protocol started in XboX 360. Now it has been pushed as "de facto" standart for input in Windows games, games on Steam. Thing is, many games (especially small games from individual developers) are made with only Xinput controls in mind, and many old, classic joysticks (with DirectInput) not working properly. I have plenty information on that, has been investigating control config problems in recent games. I can write more about it in private messages, or here open, as you wish. My point is: there are almost none flightsticks with Xinput standart (there was Saitek "AV8r" (Aviator)).
  6. Woo-hoo! This is so great! Thank You! I will send when I am at my "game computer" at home :) Btw, is there maybe a plans to make device switchable to "Xinput" protocol? There is one Xinput project on Teensy, and also steering wheel variant, ported to "Blue Pill", maybeit might be realized here too? Hello, neighbour! :smilewink: (I am from Latvia). If you have Pro Micro (ATMEGA43u4, 16 MHZ, 5V), then russian project MMJOY may be fit for you. Related information in english is concentrated here: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3899105/mmjoy-mmjoy2-build-your-own-usb-contro
  7. Thank you, will try with this new file later today. EDIT: got it! Uploaded bootloader .hex, then uplaoded .dfu, and now system recognizes input device "Easy Joy 32"! :-) Nice.... joy.cpl (joystick properties) shows 4 axis and 32 buttons. Thanks again! I appreciate your attention and help, FoxHoundCn.
  8. Sorry that I am taking Author's time here, but it would be nice if I can learn here. I am confused about DFU in this case. I have used it with other STM32 chips (not F103), and I also have used specific bootloader for F103 with environment stm32duino. Seems that there is no "standart" dfu bootloader for "BluePill" STM32F103, and it sure is does not have one from factory. So, can I learn please, which exactly bootloader can be used in this case, for uploading .DFU file to "BluePill"? I have this in my head for several days now... Thank You in advance!!
  9. Thank You for answering. I will try (again), maybe I was doing something wrong, or wrong bootloader used. I like ST-Link programming better, I admit (or serial TX/RX too). When is v3 coming?
  10. Maybe please someone could point me to right tutorial, how to get "Blue Pill" into dfu programming? I can load bootloader, and it shows in system as "Maple", but utility Dfuse not recognizing it. I probably missing something simple. I would be thankful for help on this. P.S.: any more details on that upcoming new version and price? Thank You.
  11. Hello! Please, maybe Author can provide free version firmware in non-dfu form? .HEX or .BIN? I found only .dfu in archive, maybe I missed something? Thank You in advance!
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