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  1. It should be under BVR, Radar modes, Target size I think.
  2. You yourself say you lose half or more of your Phoenix's per sortie. You are also assuming how people fly. If you can't Crank or turn during a TWS launch then how can you descend? A crank and boards to 0.8M is a valid real word tactic and it was used in the F14 too. Cranking to 0.8M preserves range and forces even greater flight time into the oppositions missile. Who said the bandits have been beaming? Tracks drop when you are both nose pure. What does nose pure mean you ask? It means the bandit is in my HUD and I am in the bandits HUD. Tracks drop when we are both above th
  3. The 120 does reaxquire on the F18. If you lose track during a missiles flight it will begin tracking again if you pick up the track again on the same target. This is in part due to the memory mode on the 18's radar however if I set the memory to 4 seconds and lose a track then it can still reacquire the track and continue to guide the missile even when acquisition occurs after 4 seconds. No the 120 not going pitbull is a diferent matter completely but it can go pitbul. Bug or not it does do it. I have seen 120s be notched by myself when fired from around 20nm and no longer supported then they
  4. Yes will definetely need clarity on that becuase it certainly gives the impression that is in game. Other things which are not implimented yet such as Data-Trans have (not yet implimented) on them. If this is a bug soley on the Tomcat then it is very dificult to pin down. All I know is that I can fire on a player 1v1 and have the missile track all the way to pitbul everytime so long as the opponent does not try to notch the radar. On other ocasions though and especaily when there are a good few people on a server it does not track at all. I am not so convinced it is a Tom
  5. Squadron: Task Force Trident Timezone: GMT 1800 Zulu Aircraft: JF-17, F-14, F-16, F18 Maps: Caucuses, PG, Syria. https://taskforcetridentsimulations.com/ https://discord.gg/ag57DBg
  6. Never saw people saying the missile had a lock in ARH just that the missile was active. In the manual it states the missile will revert to SARH if a lock is not gained on a target. Yep, this is what the missile does just now. The AIM120 in DCS will reacquire but not the Phoenix. Are there any updates on fixing tracking issues in TWS for the Tomcat. It seems to be a big issue in multiplayer since the late January patch.
  7. This is refering to when firing in P-STT, PH-ACT or ACM cover up. The missile is active off the rails but will refer to an STT locked target if it can not find a target on its own. This feature has been implimented, you can find it in the manual under the Phoenix section.
  8. Why not just try to make an F14D, there is actualy data on that although even with that you will find it incredibly dificult to get enough data. You could go the fictional route with that and put 120's on it. Beyond that though, although I would like to have an ST-21 in DCS it would be 100% guess work. Even the artist renditions of it are guess work and not official desings.
  9. I am not confusing the DL with link-4 as far as I know it should be on a diferent frequency as others have told me. I have said I am looking for the right answer here as some tell me one thing and others tell me another but there never seems to be documentation to back it all up. Well if I can not see the documentation how do I know the others do and they are not just speculating. Documentation was posted which states that the Phoenix uses SA-PD antennas which would make sense for PD-STT then goes active with A-PD and not SA-CW. I think it is posted on page four to six on this thread. Also, ot
  10. Where does HB state that the target should get a launch warning from PD-STT (SARH/DL). That would settle the argument don't you think and since I have not seen this when reading the HB manual so can you link it please? Thanks.
  11. Again were is the documentation to support that data link to the missile is the same frequency. I did not say then data link was on a radio, I said it is a diferent frequency as far as I know. Again, were is the documentation.
  12. You need to read through the comments a bit beter I think. We are not discussing this from a position of complete ignorance. We know the radar modes and it seems like you are confusing fox 1's with fox 3's. A lot of the information posted seems to be from Wikipedia after googling SARH.
  13. Are you asking how a TWS signal looks to a bandit vs STT. TWS no lock warning STT lock warning. When missile is launch, TWS no launch warning until missile is pitbul and for STT it depends on the radar mode and the capabilities of both the missiles and radar. Generaly for most modules in DCS it would give a launch warning but some do not do this even with fox 1's. As we were discussing, the Phoenix fired in PD-STT will give only a radar lock warning and not a missile launch warning as it is firing the Phoenix via SA-PD in SARH/DL rather than SA-CW. This is from what I understand but as I said
  14. I think we are speaking to diferent languages here. I know the diference between STT and TWS. Also just because something is a signal does not mean that an RWR can pick it up. Anything outside of what it is tuned to sense is as good as static to a reciever.
  15. He is saying that it might as no evidence to the contrary has been given. As stated, other missiles have the ability to track without a missile warning when fired from and STT lock such as the R-33 for example when fired from the MIG-31. What is being used to justify saying that the target recieves no missile warning in STT is that when it is fired from PD-STT it uses SARH/DL as tracking. This is the same as TWS and is essentialy the same in principle as the R-33 which recieves updates mid flight without the need for a missile warning to be given. Some are saying the the RWR can sense the data
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