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  1. I am startled by how many do not want RWW. If you have to postpone a mission, so be it. Or. You could have the option to modify the weather to be more suitable for your mission. Fewer clouds, less wind, etc. The real world seldoms cooperates with your plans. Keep in mind MS Flight Simulator had this option back in 2004, maybe earlier.
  2. Vorenus81: Try this, it has worked for me. Do not target lock, just ground lock. Do this by leaving your target box at the default size of 10 or drop it even smaller so you get "KC" but never "AC". No, I don't know why this works but it does for me. tigerrrr, I like this campaign! I'm about half way through and think you have done a wonderful job with the intel aspect. Too many missions and campaigns require you to search for the enemy and that just isn't the way it is done with multi million dollar war planes. You have provided the necessary intel and a simple, logical route to g
  3. I am aware of that FragBum. I have made my own missions, I have created fast missions and gone advanced. The point of a fast mission is to get playing right away on an unfamiliar mission. The current version does not give you a challenging mission in any way. Instead you get a walk in the park or suicide. I might as well create one myself, in which case what's the point of "Create Fast Mission"?
  4. I have recently tried playing 5 different Fast Missions on the easy level. In all of them all AI units are on the Red side. If the player chooses the Red side, the briefing reflects this showing "Threats N/A" and indeed it is the easiest mission ever with no threats and no targets. If the player chooses the Blue side, then there are "Threats" but no "Allied Flights", nor any allied units whatsoever. That means it's one (the player) against 50. Neither scenario is what I am looking for. I'm playing the release version.
  5. Thanks guys. Since I've never seen a "fix" for this, I'm not surprised with the negative responses. I am aware of and use the autopilot and axis curves, as well as the need for 760 on the baro. They do help but not enough. I don't expect perfection from the trims but they do seem too coarse. As draconus points out, formation requires enough concentration. I don't need to fight the trim too. feefifofum, autopilot Baro altitude should do the same thing. I may use that to establish the proper altitude, then turn it off, but it feels like cheating.
  6. I've had DCS for some time but being on the poor side, I still only fly the Frog. Lately I've been trying formation flying, flying with a pair of AI Frogs. What I find is I can't trim the pitch to maintain their altitude. I see myself descending and give it one click of up trim and then 10 seconds later I have to give it one click of down trim. I can't get it bang on. This is not new. I also use FSX. Same problem. I know from experience that left alone the aircraft will find its own altitude where it will fly dead level but the difference between one click and the next is at least
  7. Had the same problem and did all I could with the settings without much success. Finally I adjusted the settings on my monitor. I found a combination that worked. I can now find most ground objects. Manpads in a cluttered area are still impossible to see, but that would be true in RL too.
  8. Wow, one tough mission for a single Su-25T. I have never been able to make a second sortie. Best result was being shot down just before rotation at Kobuleti.
  9. Simply the most outstanding mission I have ever used. The others I've played just aren't in the same league. Keep up the good work!
  10. No fair! You did your search on a different day! Flaky as these forum search engines are, I don't expect to get the same results twice. I've done searches for the very thread I was looking at in real time and the seach engine could not find it.
  11. I too will give it a try with the updates. I was at the point of running my own SEAD mission before the assigned mission just to give myself a better than 20% chance. (I also asked the base commander to cashier those SU30 pilots.) Update July 8/17: Big improvement. Most SAM's destroyed and only AAA left makes it a fun mission.
  12. Posted by Art-J"you might want to search the forum for multiple threads on the subject" I did do a search and got nada, that's why I posted a brand new thread. I was more than willing to add my two cents to an existing thread. I am pleased that I am not the only one disgruntled with this silly mistake with (I believe) an easy fix.
  13. Amazing, truly amazing. The worldwide flying community and the worldwide meterological community both describe the wind by the direction it is coming from, but ED, in its infinite wisdom, thinks this is just silly and describes the wind by the direction it is heading. Aren't we special. I'm sorry for the snarky attitude but I am truly agog at this glaring mistake that apparently no-one has picked up on or perhaps no-one but me cares about. This should be fixed so as not to confuse a generation of future RL pilots.
  14. Third man, I believe you can only save one view though. I think what flare2000x is looking for is multiple saved views. There are 2 views I would like to have a quick key for besides my standard view. I don't believe such a thing is possible.
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