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  1. yes that needs somne redo in the future. You need the "Dev" version release Versions are bsed on the stable DCS Versions for beta on the main side hit the green "Code" button and save it as zip unzip and put the script folder in your Savegames of you DCS Version. but think of the export.lua. not override yours if you use some other things to
  2. problem is: its not done with changing the lua. the json file has still the old valves. and in hub the will not rewrite automatic i cant tell how this will be done in HUB. the Flightpanel fliles are incompatible to hub. so sadly i dont have an good solution for you
  3. all Aircraft should have under "External Aircraft" an "Weight on Wheels" readout. 1 if wheel is compressed 0 if not. should work
  4. yes is now: defineTumb("ECM_MODE_SW", 66, 3001, 248, 0.1, {0.0, 0.4}, nil, false, "Dispenser/EMC Panel", "ECM Mode Switch, XMIT/REC/BIT/STBY/OFF")
  5. yes i mean export.lua (dont write and think of other stuff ) i have raygun first. my try that. order is sometimes important
  6. entry.lua changed? Entry.lua right order? direct plug to PC no HUB?
  7. in my version they have outputs. and the rocket counter was missing complete. but as i say sadly not compatible to hub
  8. Ah yea dont know were the problem is but switch works. so i have a new readout for the indicator itself. But this i cant upload to HUB because for the rocketcounter i need a new switch that isnt integraded in HUB and cant from my side. In FP Fork its in.
  9. in hub you can update the modules. i upload them in there Git repo
  10. for hub i do only Updates to some modules i have the right for and only if an bug/problem occurs. then i use the luas from our fork to patch the hub ones. Mostly ther are some other additions included.
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