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  1. There`s new mod that came out recently try it: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318397/ Allso if you want to fly Flankers with PL12 online there`s server that equips your vanilla flankers with pl-12 automatically. No need for mods. Server called - Exercise Red Flag. There`s constant airquake between buffed Red and Blue jets. If you`re into that kind of stuff that is)
  2. @BIGNEWY Good day to you sir. Could you ask team for server installation dialog give options to users which maps to download at first install and which to install/remove upon autoupdater launches upon existing installation? Or perhaps they know the way to do that via command line? Thanks!
  3. Install is impossible in a first place due to large size (caused by all those extra maps that are never to be used in my case) causing lack of sdd space to complete initial installation .
  4. DCS auto updater brings all the maps with it and it does not fit anymore on 120gb ssd. Most of the install size is dead weight due to the maps that will not be used. Why there is no option in the installation menu to select some maps and exclude others? Perhaps there is the way to exclude the maps via command line? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the hint. My situation though is that i want to prevent dcs autoupdater to install the maps in the first place in order for it to fit to my ssd . its a 120 gb ssd and when i wanted to install server it started to download and unpack all the maps and gave me the message that i dont have anough space to finish install. i tried to go into installation directory and manually delete the maps during installation process. and when installation finished i started the server. And it began downloading all deleted maps again untill i ran out of ssd space. That`s the problem i have and i can`t find any way to make it not to install unwanted maps.
  6. @VanderWonder how to forbid dedicated server updater from loading all junk maps i`ll never use and force it to load only those maps that i want. Is there any way to do this via command line or otherwise? Thanks!
  7. You want it for singleplayer?
  8. Мечтать о модуле смысла нет. А вот мод вполне реально. Я кабину от F-22 впихнул в F-15 и летал пока по родной не соскучился)
  9. Зайдёшь, и не на один) Есть серваки с разрешенными кастомными моделями для PvP. Если ты воздушный бой предпочитаешь. PvE серваков гораздо больше. Да и сингл никто не отменял) Нас тут таких желающих вложиться в сию кабину пару сотен наберётся. Годами слюни пускаем так и так) Кабина годная топового качества. Была бы кабина а модеры найдутся) Заграничные товарищи пайщики консессионеры тоже думаю подтянутся).
  10. Может в складчину купим модель и модеров наших взгреем ею) Есть такой сайт вскладчину называется. Толпой глядишь осилим покупку) Там народ скидывается на всякую всячину. Умельцы то есть. Эту кабину вместо старой воткнуть можно будет в принципе.
  11. @MaxMPower https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3ds-max-fighter-cockpit-cabin/560986 Вот такую прелесть нашел) Су-27 СМК или СКМ как правильней не знаю. Продают за 550 бакинских комиссаров) Было б супер вместо стоковой кабины в П-шку запихнуть По середине экран это вместо берёзы новый индикатор?
  12. Найдите 10 отличий `,) Увидел перчатку у пилота и ........ . Когда же бота Су-35 завезут? Или даже боты под грифом?)
  13. There`s a Datalink skin you can upgrade your Flanker with. It`s not much but still a little improvement for SA. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ru/files/3317685/
  14. That`s a Su-27SKM cockpit you have there) https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3ds-max-fighter-cockpit-cabin/560986
  15. We can have it as a mod. To fly in SP or even on IC protected MP servers) Guy sells this model for 550$ on turbosquid. is there a crowdfounding platdorm we could use to get this? I`m willing to give my 50$ it would take couple of dozens of contributors to aqcuire the model and then to support the modder that could animate the most important parts of the cockpit. MFDs, HUD and the Stick for starters.
  16. @FlappieBug is abservable right from the beginning of the msission when AWACS messages me about bandits but they do not appear on datalink way too long after refresh time. i`m aware aof AWACS turning issues. This one happens when it is Not turning but flying straight`,)
  17. Is there F-16A mod for DCS 2.7 or it is only for 2.5?
  18. Bug that i`m talking about has nothing to do with terrain. And i couldn`t find any previous bug reports considering this particular bug. ED says that thay ARE fixing FC3 bugs. Are you responsible for this bug fix? Coz it`s sounded like you are the person in position to make such statements.
  19. Кто нибудь в курсе сколько диполей и лтц у Су-35(Т-10М)?
  20. musolo

    about AIM-120A

    Where did you see it?
  21. Он был! Он есть! Он будет есть!)))
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